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 Anar  (Pomegranate) is a juicy fruit that is found everywhere in our country.  This fruit is also found in Indian countries such as Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Japan, Southern Europe, and Africa by exercising, sometimes in small and sometimes large sizes.

 Various names

 In Sanskrit, pomegranate is called Dadim and tooth seed.  Pomegranate and Dadim in Hindi;  Dalimb in Marathi;  Dadayam and Dadam in Gujarati;  Dadim and Dadmi in Bengali;  Dannim Pandu in Telangi;  Pomegranate in English;  And in Latin, it is called Punica granatum.

 Types and differences

  In terms of taste, pomegranate is of three types - sweet, sour and sour.  In terms of origin, it has 2 distinctions - wild and rebellious.  There is one type of pomegranate and - Gulnar, in which only flowers grow, not fruits.  It is also called male pomegranate.

 Sweet Pomegranate-

 The pomegranate found in Kabul, Kandahar and the nearby desert regions of Arabia is of excellent quality, large in size, tasteful, very sweet, quite juicy and with soft seeds.  A variety of sweet pomegranate is called Bedana.

 Sweet pomegranate is anti-inflammatory, satiety, Venus-parent, mild, some astringent, defecating, balsamic, meritorious, mnemonic, reinforcer, receiver, lamp, and antidote, fever, heart disease, oral deodorant, tuberculosis, and oral diseases.  It is also a beauty, blood-enhancer, digestive, diuretic, beneficial, nutritious, bile-destroyer, suppressant and anthelmintic.

 Sweet pomegranate juice is beneficial, digestive, lamp, powerful and liquid.  It is very beneficial for fever, decay, diarrhea, periodic fever, patients with bloody piles.  By giving sweet pomegranate juice to children, they are confirmed.

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 Sour Pomegranate

 It is safe, bloodborne, and gout.  The Pomegranate of this taste is very common in our country.

Sour-sweet  Khatmeetha Pomegranate-

 It is light, beneficial, rheumatic and mild.  Flowers are planted in the pomegranate tree in every season, but more flowers are grown in Chait and Baisakh.  In India, the pomegranate fruit ripens from Ashadh to Bhad.  And at different times according to the climate and season of the place, it flourishes and ripens.

 Chemical Organization -

  Among mineral substances, phosphorus, iron, and lime are found exclusively in pomegranate.  "The bark of the pomegranate tree and the fruit contains 22 to 25 percent tannin. In addition, Mannite pectin, a type of liquid alkaline substance, an oily fluid isopelletierine(isopunicine), etc. and consumed 15.  There is a percentage. Pomegranate also contains Vitamin C.

  Health properties of pomegranate.

 Pomegranate juice is very useful for all types of patients.  Due to this, the attenuated patients regain strength quickly and pomegranate juice helps a lot in removing the defects of their body.  Diseases of the kidneys, small and large intestine, stomach, liver, and tubers are not possible due to pomegranate consumption.  Pomegranate is famous for providing strength to the heart.

 Benefits of Pomegranate(Anaar)

 Pomegranate cures diseases

 1. Indigestion) - Mixed roasted cumin and jaggery in 1 tola juice of rich ripe pomegranate and taking it 2 or 3 times a day destroys all types of indigestion quickly.

 2. Aromatic) - Mix the juice of pomegranate juice, honey, and sesame oil, add cumin and 6 to 4 masks in a total of 5 toes and fill them in the mouth and stir the mouth for a while.  When water starts coming out of the eyes and nose, rinse and then fill the new juice in the mouth.  Do this experiment 4 or 10 times a day.  With this use, the taste of the mouth will get better and the anorexia will disappear.

 3. In dust) - Dry the bark of pomegranate-tree and powder it.  1 tola powder mixed with 4 mashed cumin powder and 1 tola old jaggery and take this mixture to the patient of diarrhea will be beneficial.

  4. Blood stools) - Make bark of pomegranate-fruit and bitter Indrajou 2-to-2 jowkut(mix) and make a decoction mixed in 4 toes of water.  When the fourth is left, give it to the patient.  Use this 3 times a day in the morning, afternoon and evening.  If you have cramps with diarrhea, then mix green mustard poppy in it while preparing the decoction.

 5. Worm disease) - 5 bark of pomegranate root, 5 pieces of Palash (Dhaka), 4 masks, vaividang( (Embelia Ribes)1 tola and water and a quarter.  Grind all and mix in one, cover with a lid and cook on the fire.  When half the water is left while cooking, then take it off and filter it after it becomes cool, and give 5 to 5 hours of water to the patient 4 times in half an hour.  All types of stomach worms are eliminated by this.  After drinking this decoction, the stomach worms quell and leave their places.  Therefore, the insects should not be stable, so they should be removed by giving a laxative of castor oil.  Or salt should be given to the enema.

 6. Cough) - Take 6 pieces of pomegranate, 8 tolas, black pepper 1 tola, peepal, and jawakhar(potassium carbonate) 4-8 Masha(1masha=0.972g).  Now make 4 tole of jaggery sugar syrup and all the fine powder in it, make 4-6 pills of Ratti and take 2 to 2 tablets 3 or 4 times a day with hot water.  It is also beneficial in 4 habitats.  Sucking only the peel of pomegranate-fruit in the mouth is also beneficial in cough.

  7. Heartbeat) - Grind fresh leaves of 1 tola pomegranate with 10 tola water and filter it and drink it twice a day, it provides relief in a heartbeat.

 8. In Rajayakshma) - 20 tole juice of sweet pomegranate, 8 to 4 tola powder of peepal, white cumin, dry ginger and cinnamon, exquisite saffron 1 tola and old jaggery 20 tola cooked on low heat.  When the tablet is thick enough to make a tablet, mix 1 tola powder of small cardamom and make 4-8 tablets of it.  In the morning, after eating 1 tablet, milk of 1 goat will be benefited in Rajayaksha.

  9. Garlic secretion) - 2 tola, take fresh leaves of pomegranate by grinding with 10 tola water and filtering it, and after grinding the leaves and applying it on the pellet, there is no chance of miscarriage or miscarriage.

 10. White leprosy) -Anar leaf fresh 2 Tola, black pepper 1 Masha.  Grind both in 10 toes of water and sieve it and give it to the patient in the morning in the morning, with the bark of pomegranate root jowkut(mix) and cook it in 3 or 4 ser water.  When there is one remaining water, douche the vagina with that water and soak a piece of muslin cloth in that water and keep it in the vagina for some time.

 11. Fistula  (Bhagandar) - Cook 10 toasted fresh leaves of pomegranate in 1 Ser water.  After remaining half the water, filter it and wash the anus 2 or 3 times in a day, the wand will go away.  This experiment is helpful even when the uterus comes out.
  In this condition, the Rugna woman should be eaten with fresh water in the morning in the morning with the fresh mace of 6 pomegranate leaves dried in the shade.

 12. Jaundice) - Make a sugar syrup by mixing 3 pavs(1pav=250g) native sugar in 1 pav sweet pomegranate juice and consume it 3-4 times a day, jaundice will be cured slowly.

 13. Headache) - Grind finely mixed coriander leaves mixed with dry coriander leaves under the shade dried in shade.  Then roast 1 Ser wheat flour in two Ser Go Ghrita and mix 4 Ser Khond when it is cold.  Eating 3 to 5 tons of it daily in the morning with hot milk, eating, headache and dizzy head will all go away.

 14. Nosebleed(Nakseer) - Mix 2 tole of sugar candy in 10 toasted juice of pomegranate mixed with pomegranate, drinking it every day in the afternoon stops bleeding from the nose.

 15. Eye-disorder) - Grind the leaves of pomegranate in water - applying it on the eyes 2 times a day and soaking the leaves in water and turning it on the eyes like a bundle is beneficial in sore eyes.

16. Baldness) - Cook 1 teaspoon of pomegranate leaves with 10 pulp leaves pulp and half a mustard oil.  If everything burns and only oil remains, then filter it and apply it on a bald head, the hair will grow.

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