Baingan Bharta (Brinjal)|Baingan Bharta Recipe, Benefits.

                      Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta,Baingan ka Bharta,Baingan Bharta Recipe

Baingan Bharta is an Indian dish, which people eat with great fervor.  Before going about how to prepare baingan ka bharta, baingan bharta recipe,we will talk about some of its benefits.

  Like Parwal,Baingan (Brinjal) is also  well-known plant in India, which is sown and eaten everywhere.  Brinjal fruit is 2 to 4 inches long, and it is round.  Brinjal, white, whitish, black, purple, and blood blue are of many colors.  Flowers and fruits are planted many times a year in the brinjal tree. In Sanskrit, brinjal is called vrittak, talker, bhintak; brinjal, begun in Hindi.  Bharta, Bhanta, Tell;  Bandi, Bandge in Marathi;  Purple in Gujarati, Regna;  In Bengali, Begun, Bong, Vatki;  In English, it is called Bingle, and Eggplant; and in Latin, Solanum Melongena.
                   chemical analysis
 Water 4 to 9 1.5 percent, mineral content 0.5.  Percent, Protein 1.3 percent, Fat 0.3 percent, Carbohydrate 4.4 percent, Calcium 0.02 percent, Phosphorus 0.04 percent, Iron 1.3 mg per 100 grams, Vitamin A 5 INU per 100 grams,  Vitamin B, 15 INU per 100 grams, vitamin B, coffee and vitamin C is found at 23 mg per 100 grams.

               Use of Brinjal in diseases

              Top 10 Benefits of Brinjal

 1. Hemorrhoids)  Piles are cured by eating egg-shaped white eggplant.  After frying cystic-brinjal in castor oil, mixing asafoetida and salt in it, taking it provides relief in it.
  2. Flatulence) -Gas becoming- Eating fresh, long and black or purple eggplant is useful to cure the disease of flatulence.  This preparation should be eaten in small amounts and it should be grated with garlic and asafoetida.
 3. Spleen fumigation) - Eating brinjal is beneficial in this disease.
  4. Hubba-box) -This disease is also called rib walking.  After frying brinjal and mixing it in the stomach, making a small garland of small brinjals and holding it in the neck of the patient is beneficial.
  5. Insomnia) - Consumption of honey or white onion in the filling of brinjal in the evening brings good sleep at night.
  6. Swelling) - By cooking the brinjal and making its chloasma, tying it in place of pain is beneficial.
 7. Naru) - After frying the brinjal and adding curd to it and tying it in place of Naru, the worm of Naru is removed within 7 days.
  8. Vest Pain) - Burning seeds of Bengal in a fire is given to the place of pain by a fumigation tube of its smoke.
  9.weight loss) - Brinjal is also a useful drug in reducing weight, this diet reduces fat and burns calories, it contains fiber, which fills the stomach and does not cause hunger quickly.
  10. Cancer) - Baingan contains an element that helps the body to fight cancer, if you use it every day, then you are a very nominal risk of cancer, it is especially beneficial for stomach cancer.

Baingan ka Bharta

       Some foods made from brinjal

                       Baingan ka Bharta

  Brinjal Pickle) - Take good eggplants and keep them in boiling water for 10-15 minutes.  After that, rip them from the middle and fill the spices below: - Coriander, chili, fenugreek, turmeric, mongrel and mustard and roast them lightly.  Do not fry chilies, mangarella and mustard seeds.  Now mix the spices in mustard oil and add salt evenly.  After the spices are full in the bananas, tie them with a string and wrap them in oils and keep them in the sun for a day.  Then fill oil in a vessel and put them in it and 10-15 days again.  Show incense.  Doing this will not spoil the infection throughout the year.
Tarkari of Brinjal) - There are five varieties of Bangan - Black round, black long or perennial, Golharbhuntin which is white-spotted, a white elliptical also called belayed bhanta, and red eggplant which is like a tomato.  The perennial brinjal is best made among these five.   The brinjal should be soft and fresh for tarkari(curry) and after washing it should be cut and grated with cumin ghee.  The spice should not be added at all, otherwise, it will get worse.  After cooking the brinjal, yogurt and coriander leaves should be mixed with it.
 Brinjal-Bhaji) -Bangan-Bhaja is the favorite food of Bengalis.  The method of preparation is very simple.  Fry them in ghee or pure mustard oil by slicing three or four rounds of the whole eggplant and applying salt turmeric in them.  This Bhaja is very tasty to eat.
  Brinjal Bharta) - Fry the brinjal in a candle fire which is not very sharp and remove the top skin - prepare rock and mix rock salt and black pepper in it.  Healthy humans can also add green or red pepper and pure mustard oil to it.  By doing this the eggplant bharta becomes tastier.  Frying the bharta in ghee or oil is not good.
  Brinjal originates from India and it is found all over the world. There are many varieties of brinjal like round and long brinjal. People mostly like to eat long brinjal, though it has many medicinal properties, with increasing age.  There is a wrinkle on our face, a person who consumes it twice a week does not have wrinkles on his face. It is also beneficial for our minds and our heart.
 So this was some important information, now we talk about who should not eat brinjal, a person suffering from hunger should not eat brinjal, a person suffering from insomnia should not eat brinjal, a person suffering from piles should not eat brinjal, pregnant  A woman should not eat brinjal, should not eat brinjal even in skin diseases and allergies, if you have acidity then you should not look towards brinjal.
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