Top10 Benefits of Tomato | How to use Tomato in Diseases.

                         Tomato story
Benefits of Tomato

Benefits of Tomato

 In this article we are talking about benefits of Tomato. The world of apples applauds, but it is only apples, the people of America and France have been fascinated by the beautiful red color of tomatoes, and have given tomatoes the name 'Love-apple'.

 In Italy, tomatoes are called golden apples.

  In India, tomatoes are called the orange of the poor. In cultured tomatoes are called blood sprouts and foreign sprouts.  It has two names in Hindi - one is tomato and the other is yellow brinjal.

 InEnglish, tomato is spoken.  Tomatoes in Latin are called Lycopersicum -esculentum and Solanum Lycopersicum. The birthplace of the tomato is Peruvian territory in South America.  There this fruit is called tomato.

At first, it was propagated in Europe.  The Spaniards took their seeds from South America to their country Spain.  Tourists from Spain and Portugal brought it to Europe from there in the 17th century.

 When the tomato first arrived in Europe, people considered it a toxic fruit of the Dhatura variety.  It is said that in 1812, a painter who painted on a ship of America decided that he would find out whether a tomato is good or poison.  His friends prevented him from doing such experiments.  But he refused and eat a tomato.  When he did no harm to her, others looked after him.  Then there was a trend of eating tomatoes and people started eating more and more tomatoes.

  Between 1905 and 1915, tomato came to India from Europe and first here it became famous as willow brinjal.  At that time, the devout people of India considered the red tomato to be the color form of meat and abhorred it and considered it a sin.

 Till 1925 AD, tomato cultivation was not particularly practiced in India.  But as the properties of tomatoes became known to the people, people started adopting this useful fruit more and more and today there is hardly any religious person in the country who sees this fruit as dense and does not eat with fervor.  In today's world tomatoes are grown and eaten.

            Healthy properties of tomatoes

  According to the Ayurvedic text Vanaushadhi-Chandrodaya, tomato is somewhat sour, sweet, beneficial, and vigorous.  Its use proves beneficial to the body's obesity, stomach diseases, diarrhea, and endometritis.

 All the necessary elements are present in it for the survival of man.  Small tomatoes are not as potent as big, red, red and juicy.  Taking tomato juice at breakfast in the morning calms the body heat.  Since tomatoes have copper, the properties of tomatoes are higher than those of any other fruit.

 Tomatoes are a very good fruit for bringing redness to the blood.  In this, iron is twice the milk and it is twice the egg.  The quantity of iron is more than that of onion radish, sweet potato, Bengal, carrot, cabbage, banana, Tumip, apple, orange, mosquito, grape, watermelon, and muskmelon, etc.

 In addition to calcium, and vitamins A, B, and C, citric acid, azelaic acid, potash, sodium, and copper are also found in it.  Vitamin V and sleeping tomatoes are found in excessive amounts like iron.  There is a lot of vitamin A in the pulp near the tomato skin. Tomatoes protect our health, and also help us recover lost health.

The acid found in lemon and orange is also found in tomatoes.  This acid is very beneficial for our health. For patients suffering from diabetes mellitus, tomato is like nectar.  Such patients are afraid of fruits, especially sweet fruits because the fruits contain sugars. But they can consume tomatoes fearlessly and can benefit;  Because tomatoes do not contain sugars, or if there is nominal, they are hot.  Similarly, some people consider tomato to be a fruit causing gout, due to ignorance, when the fact is that tomato is medicine for gout.

Benefits of Tomato

          Tomato nutrition value and      chemical analysis

  The best, ripe tomatoes contain water 92.6 percent, carbohydrate 6.5 percent, protein 1.4 percent, mineral content 0.4 percent, fat 7.5 percent, calcium 0.02 percent, phosphorus 0.04 percent, iron 2  .4 mg, vitamin A 320 percent mg, vitamin B 70 percent mg, vitamin C 32.2 percent mg, cystic acid are abundant and angelic and malic acid are found to be nominal.

  Raw tomatoes contain vitamin B23mg and vitamin C31.3mg.  Ripe tomatoes are found to contain potassium 62.50 percent, sodium 32.90 percent, magnesium 13.5 percent, sulfur 5.00 percent, silicon 1.75 percent, and chlorine 16.00 percent.

           Top 10 Benefits of Tomato

     Disease prevention from tomatoes

  1. Skin disease- When the rash appears on the skin due to blood defect, swelling on the mouth, bleeding from teeth, and scurvy disease, then raw juice of red, ripe and juicy tomatoes is of great benefit in these conditions, Does.

  2. Fever - Consumption of raw juice of tomato causes fever of the fever, and fever also reduces.

3. Eye-disease-eye diseases are due to deficiency of Vitamin A in the body.  Tomatoes contain adequate amounts of vitamin A.  Therefore, the eye patient benefits from consuming tomatoes.

  4. On increasing the heartbeat- extract the juice of two fresh tomatoes and add 1 Masha powder of Arjun bark to it and the heart becomes silent when the patient is fed.

  5. Bloody Piles-Aadh Paav: Mix roasted cumin, dry ginger, black salt powder in tomato juice and adding 3 to 3 Masha (1masha=0.972g)powder and rock salt in it, the bloody piles will be cured.  Take it in the morning or evening, or rip the fruit.

 6. Boil-head-head- Applying camphor and coconut oil in tomato juice is beneficial in head boils.  Dandruff of the scalp - Mixing sugar in tomato juice and rubbing the scalp clears the dandruff of the scalp.

  7. Diabetes: Consumption of tomato juice and tomato extract reduces the amount of sugar in the urine by purifying the blood of a diabetic patient.  It also makes blood more.

  8. Black stains on the face - By cutting a wide piece of tomato by keeping it on the black spots of the face and tying it daily, they disappear soon.

  9. Mouth blister - Rinse and dilute tomato juice mixed with water and eat tomatoes in plenty, the blisters will be cured.

  10. Itching- Massage two tola coconut juice mixed with 1 tola(11.664g) juice of tomatoes and drink the sweet juice of good red tomatoes in the morning and evening with 2 toes.  Mixing the juice in a little lukewarm water and drinking it provides quick relief.

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