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Fact about oranges | Orange Nutrition Facts,Orange for SKIN,Orange juice.


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Fact about Oranges

 Orange in Sanskrit as Narang, Nagarang, Tvaksugandha, and Mukhriapriya;  Orange, orange, orange, and naringin Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati;  Narenga Lebu in Bengali, and Kamala Lebu;  In English, Chinese orange, common orange;  And in Latin, it is called citrus Aurantium and citrus Vulgaris.

 Orange is a very useful and good fruit for humans.  It is very hot during the winter.  The people of Europe have named this fruit as 'Swarnaseb'.  Some consider China to be the birthplace of oranges.  This fruit is found in ancient times in India, the coastal regions of the Mediterranean Sea, and in western countries.  Orange is a good food item, in addition, perfume is extracted from its trees, flowers, and peels.  Many medicines are made of dried skin and also a variety of sweets.

 In the second century, a large number of oranges started growing in Palestine, Egypt, and Lebanon, and there were huge gardens of this fruit.  During this period, orange was also produced in the countries of the south.  Orange arrived in Spain in the seventh century.  Columbus took oranges from Spain to the New World in 1873.  Orange seed first reached Florida in the 17th century.  After this, planting its garden in South America, South Africa, and Australia became a simple thing.

 One important thing about oranges is that mangoes, bananas, apples, papaya, and tomatoes, etc. are cooked artificially after breaking from the tree, but the orange rips only on the tree and only when it ripens.  , Not before.  If the orange is not green, it should be understood that it is ripe of the tree even if it takes 6-8 months to ripen on the tree.

 Although the ripening time of oranges is Autumn and Hemant season, in this scientific age, the breed of oranges has developed so much that oranges can be available at any time of the year and anytime.
Benefits of Orange Fruits

  Benefits of Orange Fruits

  Orange properties

  Orange has 23 health-enhancing properties simultaneously.  In the case of any disease, when no other food item can be ingested, orange juice is ingested indiscriminately which not only brings the freshness and strength in the patient body but also the disease  It also proves helpful.  That is why in almost all diseases it is given without knocking and without any danger.

 According to the Ayurveda, orange, cold, strong, acid and sweet, diuretics, detoxification, beneficial, tasteful and aphrodisiacs, and destroy diseases of craving, fever, vomiting, blood disorders, diarrhea, worms,  pandemic, etc.  It is a beauty enhancer, sweetheart to the heart, digestive of food, nourishing metals like juices, blood, etc., is a blood circulator.  Even after eating food, the orange does not allow any disorder to occur after digesting it quickly.  Orange is especially helpful in removing heart diseases, gout disorders, and abdominal defects, Tuberculosis, etc. is beneficial in chest disorders.  It is beneficial for the stomach patients to first use this fruit and then take other foods.  The white membrane on the top of the orange pulp is not digested quickly, so it should be discarded before eating the orange.  Eating oranges after eating is healthy.

Orange Nutrition

 Vitamin A and B are found in ordinary amounts in its juice, and C in a significant amount.  Therefore, its intake increases the body's immune power.  It is very helpful in counteracting the healing power of external contaminated bacteria.  Due to its use, infectious diseases are not able to be tolerated.
Orange calories

 Orange calories

 Orange juice contains 2.3% sugar, luab(jelly), citric acid, citrate of potash.  Fresh fruit peels and flowers contain a kind of light yellow, fragrant bitter and flammable oil.  Which is called 'Niroli'.  A type of and permanent oil is found in the skin of the fruit, which contains elements called sen, limonin, hesperidin, and aurasiamerine.  In addition, tannins and bases are 6.5 percent.

 Malta, orange, mosquito

 Malta, orange, mosquito, are the fruits of the orange race and often resemble oranges in virtue.  There is only a slight difference in taste.  The orange is usually a bit sour, the sweet is sweet, but the orange is both sweet and perfectly sweet.  Somewhere the orange is also very sweet.  There is also very little difference between Malta orange, mosquito, and orange due to the difference between the size of fruits and trees.  For all these reasons, Malta, Orange, and Mosmmi are not separately described.

Benefits of Orange


               15 Amazing Benefits of Orange

 Orange prevention

 1. leprosy) - After the usual routine, after squeezing the syrup of two large juicy oranges and adding some fresh cold water and drinking it, the chronic leprosy disease is cured within a few days.

  2. Influenza) - In this disease, drinking orange juice mixed with water 3-4 times a day is very beneficial.  Where influenza disease spreads, people can avoid influenza disease if they regularly consume orange juice daily.  Orange is beneficial and manageable in the stages of this disease.

 3. Hysteria) - Eating orange shows a magic-like effect in providing quick benefits to young women suffering from hysteria.

 4. Fever) - Due to the nominal protein content in the orange juice, it is both diet and medicine for fever patients.  Fever caused by fever due to its use is peaceful.

 5. All diseases) - In the orange season, Take orange juice the milk of a temperate cow is big in shaking of teeth, pyorrhea, mandagni( Functional dyspepsia) attenuation insomnia, chronic cough, ophthalmology, vomiting, appendicitis, and liver disorders.  Benefit.  Because orange is a storehouse of vitamin 'C' and vitamin 'C' is unique in curing diseases especially stomach and blood diseases.

 6. Itching) -After consuming orange juice, ground orange peels with water on the cob and rub it on the body, itching disappears soon.

 7. Cholera) - Put the fruit of the orange in a clean place and let it dry.  After drying in a few days, grind it with water and keep tablets equal to the gram.  When someone gets cholera and the patient is restless due to more diarrhea, then feeding him 5 to 10 pills immediately benefits.
 If a species of orange, Kamala Nebu is used in place of orange, the benefit is more quick and good.
 Where there is cholera, there is no fear of cholera by consuming orange syrup every day.

 8. Typhoid) - Ever since the onset of fever in this disease, diarrhea, cough, pneumonia, etc., are not possible due to continuing to drink orange juice.

 9. Bloody-pimples) - Rub fresh peels of orange on boils or pimples and apply them on the boil.

 10. Dad) - Grind the peel of an orange and make chloasma and itch the place of shingles and tie it.  By doing this every day, shingles will be cured within a few days.  The chloasma should be made and tied daily.

Orange Benefits for skin

 11. Pimples-pimples) -Mix the fine powder of orange peels in rose water and apply it on the pimples or just rub fresh peels on them, the pimples will be cleared from this experiment, it will also remove smallpox stains in a few days Go.

 12. Winter, cough, cold) - Drinking mixed with orange juice with warm water in winter, and cold water in summer is beneficial in cold, cough, cold.

  13. Pregnancy disturbances of women) - Diya Tola mixed with pure honey in orange juice, drinking 3-4 times a day, all the disturbances caused by pregnancy, vomiting, and indigestion, become silent.

 14. Urine-pain) - Anyone who has pain in the stomach, he should drink two toasted orange juice mixed with fried asafetida, there will be an immediate benefit.

 15. Amlipitta) - It is a terrible abdominal disease.  There is a slight disturbance in putting some stomach in it, even milk is not digested, sour bursts occur and it seems to irritate the throat and chest.  In this disease, mixing a little roasted cumin powder and rock salt in orange juice and giving it to the patient is beneficial in the disease of acidity.

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