Benefits of Ginger for Health | Medical Uses, Benefits and effect.


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Benefits of Ginger for Health

In this article, I am talking about the Benefits of Ginger for health.
Ginger is ginger and ginger in Hindi, Ardhak in Sanskrit, Shringveer, Katubhadra, etc.;  Alle in Marathi;  Ada in Bengali;  Adu and Ardu in Gujarati;  Ginger root in English;  And in Latin, it is called Zingiber officinale.


 Arjuna in Sanskrit means wet.  Since wetting is a special property of ginger, in Sanskrit it is called humidifier.  When this humidity dries, its name changes to dry ginger.

 Ginger is found all over India, but in abundance in Madras, Cochin, Bengal, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar.  In places where potato, radish, and sweet potato are grown, their yield is good.

 There is no ginger seed.  Therefore, small pieces of it are used in its sowing.  It sits under the ground like a potato and when produced, is up to one and a half cubits long.  Ginger leaves are like bamboo leaves but are smaller than them.  Ginger is sown in Chait-Baisakh and dug in Ashwin and Katik and taken out.  Ginger without fiber is found in the Chhindwara region of Madhya Pradesh.  The ginger flower is purple in color but is rarely seen.
Ginger tea

 Ginger juice and Pak have cold, sweet, char para, Agnanidipak(Fire lamp), Raksha, curative, ejaculatory, digestive, and destructive diseases like anorexia, mala bandha(Amalgam), Vamana, cortex.

 Eating it by sprinkling salt on its pieces before meals erase anorexia, and clears the throat and grow the apps.  In Ayurveda, it is called semen because it helps in the nutrition of metals like juices, blood, etc. by digesting the food properly.  It activates and empowers the pancreas, liver and all digestive institutions.  Ginger is used along with other medicines to reduce air and phlegm disturbances in the body.

 According to Ayurveda leprosy, Pandu(pandemic), urinary, blood-bile, fever, dah, and ulcer diseases and bile and hot natural people are not required to consume ginger in summer and autumn, because in these conditions, the consumption of ginger in the body bile  There is a possibility of damage to the body due to the outbreak of phlegm and phlegm.  Ginger juice should be used from half tola (1 tola=11.664g)to one tola and from 5 grams to 15 grams of Kalk.

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Health benefits of Ginger

 Treatment of diseases with ginger

    Health Benefits of Ginger 

1.  Mandagni) - Eating rock salt in the stomach is beneficial to eat.

2. Loss of appetite) - One hour before eating, eating half a weighed piece of ginger with black or rock salt starts to make the hunger open.

 3. Afra and indigestion) - Eating ginger before or after meals eats the chaos and indigestion.  Taking ginger and lemon salt with ginger and rock salt in the first meal ends indigestion.

 4. Constipation) - Eating ginger and jaggery provides relief in constipation.

 5. Anorex) - Make ginger, mint, rock salt and green chili sauce and mix lemon juice in it and eat it with meals.  Licking with honey mixed with ginger juice also removes anorexia.

6. Nausea) -American juice mixed with 1 tola and onion juice 1 tola, stops vomiting.

  7. Ventilation) - Eating ginger, rock salt, and lemon juice together before eating helps to soothe the stomach air.

8. Gas in the stomach) - Raw ginger half tola, rock salt half tola, fennel half tola, dry grapes half tola, black pepper half tola or 15 grains - grind them all like chutney with food in the morning and evening, eating twice in the stomach.  Gas production will stop in  It may take 4-5 days for complete rest.

9. Abdomen) - Soak celery in ginger juice, then mash it and dry it and eat it, then the colic becomes cool.

10 Enteritis-edema) - Eating red tomatoes with ginger and salt before meals are beneficial in intra-catarrh.

11. Cough) - Cough is cured by licking ginger juice and peppercorn with honey.

 12. Cough containing phlegm) -After mixing ginger and jaggery together, the dry cough can be cured.

13.  Cold) - (1) Finely grind ginger and basil leaves.  Then place a bowl on the fire.  Add a little ghee to it and add it to the pulp.  After roasting well, eat a little frosting and mix it with mush.  After that do not drink cold water, the cold will be cured.

 (2) Ginger, 4 ginger cloves 2 grains, chili black 5 grains, rock salt 2 Rattis(1 ratti=0.1215g), Tulsipatan 5- Cook all in 5 tola water.  When 2-3 weights remain in the water, mix sugar candy and Piven, the cold will be cured within 2-3 days.

 (3) Mixing ginger juice six Masha(1 masha=0.972g) and honey six Masha, taking it in the morning also cures cold.

 (4) Taking tea made of 5-6 green leaves of ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and Am-rudd can cure cold and cold too.

 14. Bronchi) - Taking equal, dry grapes, and almonds evenly and licking it makes bronchitis good.

15.  Asthma) -Eating frying ginger in ghee is beneficial in asthma.

16. Hiccups) - Eating ground ginger and jaggery together is beneficial in hiccups.

 17. Fast heartbeat) - Eating ginger frying in ghee is beneficial for a fast heartbeat.

18. Arthritis (Vata) - Ginger and juice of sesame oil - both cooked together and massaged with it provides relief in arthritis.

19. Earache) - Mixing of the juice of ginger, rock salt, and honey - three in sesame oil and heating it a little and putting it in the ear ends ear pain.  This yoga also benefits in Karna-nad and deafness.

20. Deafness) -Add the juice of ginger, honey and Lahori salt and soak a cotton swab in it- Deafness is cured by keeping it inside the ear.
The benefits of Ginger

 21. Molar pain) - Molar pain is calmed by placing a piece of ginger under the molar.

22. Influenza) - In the place where influenza is spread, there is less possibility of influenza by consuming ginger daily in the morning and evening.  When this disease occurs, with the use of the above, ginger juice should also be used.  By doing this, there is a special benefit in this disease.

23. Typhoid fever) - In this disease, the throat gets blocked due to the filling of phlegm in the throat.  So, giving ginger juice brings out phlegm and gives comfort to the patient.

24.  Pneumonia) - In this disease, add ginger juice and mix 1-2 years old ghee and some camphor in it and apply it warmly on the chest of the patient.

25. Indigestion) - Indigestion is cured by drinking ginger juice daily for 4 Masha.

26.  Acidity) -7 Masha ginger juice mixed with 6 Masha pomegranate juice and taking it provides relief in acidity.

27. Navel tucking) -If a person's navel is blocked, then lie down on it and grind the dried amla around its navel with whey and make a round circle with it, then by doing this, fill ginger juice in that place and make that person  Let it sit for 2 hours.  By using this 2 times a day, the navel will try in its place and the stools caused by it will be disturbed.  The patient should not be allowed to eat anything other than milk and sago in the event of a failure of the navel.  Giving the appropriate amount of ginger juice 1 or 2 times a day in between is beneficial.
Ginger health benefits

28. Headache) - Rubbing ginger juice on the head is a headache.

29. Tooth pain) - pressing a piece of adhesive under the sore tooth relieves tooth pain.

30. Chest pain) - Taking 60 drops of ginger juice and 1 sugar candy together, it reduces chest pain.

31. Swelling) -1 tola, ginger juice mixed with 2-toe-old jaggery and consumed in the morning and evening, the swelling disappears, but till the swelling disappears, only goat milk should be kept.

32.  Multimuscular) - By mixing sugar candy in the juice of ginger, taking it in the morning and evening, the disease of diabetes is gradually removed.

 33. Evolution) - When the testicles of the men swell due to air disorders, they lick ginger juice mixed with honey from 2 to 4 Masha daily.  The drug should be consumed for one month.

  So this was some important information about ginger.  In this article, I have told you about the benefits of ginger for health, its benefits, benefits of ginger in different diseases and their use in diseases.  If you liked our information, then share it as much as possible.  For more important information related to health-related, please visit our blog.


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