Calotropis Gigantean(Aak)procera|medicinal uses,common name.

Calotropis Gigantean

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In this article I am talking about Calotropis Gigantean.their benefits,common names,medicinal uses,procera,Aak,Madar,white Aak etc.

Plants of trees, or trees, are often seen everywhere in dry, up and high land.  There is a misconception in the general society about this vegetation that the plant of Aak is poisonous, it kills humans.  There is definitely some truth in this, in Ayurveda codes it has also been calculated in the subdivisions if it is consumed in high quantity, then people can go to Yamraj's house due to vomiting diarrhea, on the contrary, if the intake of Aak in the proper amount,  If done properly, under the supervision of the clever medical practitioner, there is a greater benefit in many diseases. Every part of it is medicine, every part is useful, it is as sharp as the sun and bright as mercury and divine chemicals are righteous. In some places, it has also been called Botanical Parad.  Its three species are found - which are as follows: -
 1. Bloodmark: - Calotropis Gigantean is a small white-colored bowl from outside and has red and purple spots inside.  It contains less milk.
 2.Whiteark(shwetark plant). : - Its flower is like a red flower, some big yellow-light-yellow amails from red-eye.  Its saffron is also completely white. It is also called Mandar. This is often displayed in temples.  It contains more milk.
 3. Rajark: - It has only one twig, on which only four leaves are attached, its flowers are like silver color, this is a very rare species.
 In addition, another caste of Aq is found.  That which bears pale green flowers.
 The multi-year and multi-lingual stud of Aak, 4-12 feet high, is very soft and gray.  All the parts of this plant are covered in white hair follicles like white cotton wool.  The letter-shaped or circle is very small, rectangular fleshy and hearty, 4-6 inches long, 1-3 inches wide, flowers are white or reddish in fragrant bunches, stamens five and floral teeth are also five.  Fruits are 2-3 inches long, 1 to 2 inches wide, cropped or oval-shaped like a parrot's beak due to some curved in the middle, hence it is also called a pineapple. Inside the fruit, instead of pulp, small brown seeds are filled.  On which the soft fibers of the cotton stick like a brush, when the fruit bursts, the seeds fly round in the air and spread everywhere.
 The entire plant of Aak is filled with a type of milk and juicy juice.  Breaking any part of it produces checkered white milk.
 Chemical composition
 A type of Kaduva(bitter) and Charpara yellow resin-like substance is often found in the Aakva round, and this is an effective part of it.  Apart from this, two things called Mandaraelbon and Bhadar Fuebil are found in the root bark.
 MandarAlban is a rude and influential essence of Aq, also called Bhandarin.  This essence dissolves in ether and alcohol, it is insoluble in cold water and olive oil.  It has a strangeness - it freezes in summer and melts when kept open in winter. Both these elements are also found in large quantities in their milk or juice.  The root of the old mud is more semen than the new one.
 Virtue religion
 1. There are two types of astringent, Vata leprosy, bitter gourd, ulcer, spleen, gum, hemorrhoids, phlegm, stomach disease, and fecal worm.
 2. The white mud flower is semen, mild light, digestive anorexia, phlegm, piles, cough and inhaling.  2
 3. Red flower flower-sweet Kaduva receptacle, leprosy worm phlegm, destroying hemorrhoids poison, blood bile, gum, and inflammation.
 4. Milk of mudar: - bitter, hot, smooth, saline, light, leprosy and gum and stomach diseases are perishable.  It is excellent for purgation.
 5. Radical: - is aphrodisiac, blood purifier and inflammatory.  This increases heart rate and inhibition power, and also increases blood load.  It is the antipyretic and asymmetrical restriction.
 6. Letter: - Both types of Aak leaves are vamak, laxative delusional and Kas breathing, Karneshul, Inflammation, Urustambh, Pama leprosy, etc.

 Medicinal use

 Smear spots of the mouth, etc.: Add 3 to 7 drops of turmeric powder to milk, add 5-7 drops of mudar and rose water and save the eyes and apply it in the freckled area, it benefits.  Those of soft nature should use Aak juice instead of Aak milk.
 Scabies of the head: - Applying it on the head provides relief in a clot, burning sensation, and tuberculosis.
 Aphrodisiac: - Take the leaves of mud containing oil and salts in the physician's left hand and heat an iron kadchi (scoop) the right hand and put it in it.  Then by extracting the extract of extracts in this way, all the diseases of the ear are removed. It is beneficial in pus in the ears, the sound of sound, etc.
 1. Put a little ghee on the fire and put a little ghee on the fire, when it starts scorching and squeezing it out, squeeze this juice in the ear only in a warm state, it will quickly and quickly cause multiple pain problems.  is.
 2. Applying ghee on the leaves without yellow ripe of mudar, after applying ghee in the fire and pouring two drops of its juice in the ear, is beneficial.
 Eye and eye disease
 1. Grind 1 gram bark of extracts root and filter with 20 grams rose water for 5 minutes.  Drop by the drop (do not put more than 3 or 5 drops) in the eyes, redness of the eye, heaviness, excess of pain and itching disappear.
 2. Burn the bark of Arkamool with coal and rub it in some water and rub it gently around the eyes and on the eyelids, then redness, itching, swelling of the eyelids, etc. disappear.
 3. If the eye is sore, if there is a left eye and there are severe pain and pain, then if the right eye nails have a right eye, then dampen the left foot nails with the milk of the eye - Caution - there is no milk in the eye  Should it be, otherwise there will be terrible consequences.  This will be an astonishing experiment.
 Puffed web: - After drying 3 times the old cotton in the milk of Aak, dry it, then fill it with cow's ghee or sweet oil and burn a large light.  The light should not be white after burning, applying it in the eyes at night with a small amount of rubbing starts to benefit in 2-3 days.
 Cataract point: - Dry 10 grams fine powder of old briquette in the milk of Aak, then it has 6 cloves mixed in it, taking nourishment in the morning with rice in the morning is very beneficial.  This experiment is also beneficial in cold and cold.
 1. Grind 1 part of white mudar flower and three parts of old jaggery first, then mix it well with jaggery.  Make tablets like grams take 1 or 2 tablets in the morning with water.
 2. Keep fine tablets of 300-300 mg of fresh flowers and black pepper collected and take 3-4 times a day.
 3. Put a little sugar or sugar candy in the extracted milk.  Take 125 mg quantity in the morning with 10 grams of hot milk.
 4. The grasshopper of Madar leaf and twig is found in its summer form.  After locust, locking in the vial, dried and mixed with black pepper, grinding finely, giving the patient of aphasia in a state of unconsciousness, he becomes conscious and gradually his disease disappears.

 1. Mixing salt in the milk of mudar and applying it on the teeth ends dental pain.
 2. Frying a root as thick as sweet potato in a fire, toothache it, provides instant benefits in dental diseases and encephalitis.  The part of the brush can be cut and used again.
 Dental expulsion
 1. By applying mud milk to a moving tooth, it can be removed easily.
 2. Grind 8-10 leaves of mudar with 10 grams of black pepper and mix some turmeric and rock salt in it and brush with it to make teeth strong.
 Vomiting: - Make 125 milligrams tablets by skimming the bark of Arcamool with equal ginger juice and drying it in the sun.  Any type of vomiting will stop by taking 1-2 tablets with honey. In the alveoli, colic, torsion, and visuchika give it with water.
 1. The ash of wild condo should be dried in the shade by soaking it in the milk of mudar.  Smelling 125 milligrams out of it provides relief in headaches, half a bottle, colds, fainting, etc.  Pregnant women and children should not use it.
 2. By taking the juice of 1-2 leaves of yellowed mud, the half vial is benefited, but it seems too much, so use it with caution.
 3. Mix seven cardamom and camphor and 500-500 mg powder of 10 grams powder of mud shadow in dry form and fill it in the vial with a lot of sprinkling, sniffing in it and half a vial due to puffiness and relief in headaches, etc.  it happens. The heaviness of the head is removed.
 4. Bake 40 grams of pomegranate, very finely ground bark in the milk of milk and knead it with soft flame-like bread, after drying again knead very finely ground bark in soft milk and cook it with soft flame-like bread,  Then dry it and grind it very finely, make spices by mixing jatamansi, chhaila, 3-3 grams, cardamom and a one-half gram of kayphal. After some time, due to its nerves, the brain drain comes away. And help in bringing the unconscious patient to consciousness.
 5. Grind the old hardened brick and grind it to a fine extent by infusing it into the milk of milk and weighing it and grind seven lava gas finely per 10 grams and mix 125 mg or 250 mg of it by smelling cephalic pain, sunburn, catarrh, Pincus and cataract.  There is profit at the point.
 Shortness of breath
 1. Make a very fine piece of pea-like tablets after collecting both 50 grams cloves of mud flower and 6 grams chili.  Breathing velocity is stopped by taking 1 or 2 tablets in the morning with hot water.
 2. Soak the peels of mudar root in dry milk and dry it to a fine powder, add 10 grams of powder, 25 grams of trikuta powder, 5 grams of Godanti, 10 grams of Godanti and one gram of honey in the morning with honey.  It is also beneficial in breathing disease.
 3. The white alkali shade that remains on the leaves of Aak leaves, wrapping it in jaggery with 5 grams to 10 grams of jaggery and eating phlegm leaves is beneficial for breathing.
 4. After collecting whitewash on the sheets and making tablets like millet, eating 1-1 tablet in the morning and eating pan from above, taking 2-4 days provides relief in breathing disease.  Chronic cough also disappears.
 5. After drying the old mud root, burn it in a vacuum place to ashes, separate coal from it.  Eating 1-2 grams of ash in honey or betel leaves is beneficial for breathing.
 6. Grind soft branch and flowers of mudar and bake 2-3 grams in ghee.  Then jaggery was added to it, the chronic cough in which sticky phlegm with greenish-yellow deodorant comes out soon after being cooked in the morning.
 7. Extract the cloves of the flowers and mix them with mixed sand salt and peepal, grind them very finely, make tablets like peas and give two to four tablets to the elders and 1-2 tablets with milk to the child, cures the cough of children.
 8. The extract contains 250 mg fine powder of the original bark, 250 mg pure powder mixed with 3 grams of honey, it is useful in cough with cough and breathing.
 9. Shade After collecting dried flowers equal to thritak (dry ginger, pepper, black pepper) and impregnation, mix ginger juice in it and dry it in a shade made of pea-like tablets.  Keeping 2-4 tablets sucked in the mouth day and night is the ultimate benefit of breathing.
 10. Dip the gram in mudar milk and close it in the earthenware and consume it with the fire of the dung.  Licking 125-125 mg with honey thrice a day also provides immediate relief in incurable cough.
 11. Apply fine-grained catechu and lime with water on one of the leaves of the mudar and mix the two leaves together by churning cow's ghee on the other leaf, similarly prepare the leaves and burn them in a pot, it is very useful in painful breathing.  Strain and keep it in a glass bottle. Eating 10-30 grams of ghee, wheat bread or rice and eating it brings out copious power in men of Kapha nature. And it kills all Kapha diseases and intestinal worms.
 12. Take out two kg juice of fresh flower of Aak, mix 250 grams milk of Aak and 1.5 kg of cow's ghee and cook it on the flame.  If the melted butter remains, filter it and fill it in the bottle Taking 1 to 2 grams of this ghee mixed with 250 grams of cooked milk of cow, destroys the intestines and also improves digestion and hemorrhoids.  If there is any kind of poison affected in the body, then it is beneficial, but it should not be used by those of a gentle nature.
 1. After extracting 20 grams of turmeric powder in 1 kg of Swara Patra Swarna 1 kg, when it is ready to be made into a tablet, take it down and make tablets like gram, give 2-2 tablets with extracts of fennel chicory, etc., and water.  This extract is given at the place.
 2. Make 250 grams of fresh green leaves of turmeric and 20 grams of turmeric in the form of tablets of the size of urad, 4 tablets with fresh water on the first day, then increase to 5 and 6 tablets on the second day, if the benefits are reduced again.  Types decrease. Will definitely benefit, give milk sago and barley in the diet.
 3. Burning 8-10 leaves of mudar with sand salt in cottage earthenware and burning it and consuming 250 milligrams of ash with buttermilk in the morning, afternoon and evening can reduce dropsy.  The organs like spleen which increase in the stomach, all come in their place.
 4. Bloody diarrhea: Grind shadow dry and finely, the bark of sprinkled curd, 50 to 125 milligrams with 65 mg cold water, it will definitely be beneficial.
 Indigestion: - In the deciphering letters of Aak, the rectum and sugar mixed in the homogeneous ghee Kumari are cooked, after making sugar syrup, fill it in a bottle after cooling it and take 2 grams to 10 grams as per requirement.  It is a perfect medicine for many diseases up to the age of 10 years.
 1. Take 24 leaves of mudar, mix 50 grams of sugar candy and dissolve it in kharl, then make tablets like gram, 3 times a day, taking two to two tablets to adults gives full benefit in seven days.  Avoid oil, sour chili, etc.
 2. One and a half grams of the bark of Arcamool and black pepper 12 nos. Punarva original 2-3 grams, after filtering it in water twice a day, avoid drinking hot and balsamic items.
 3. After ripening 1 gram of mudar paper, apply 250 ml of lime on it, grind it finely to make tablets of the size of a gram, and swallow two tablets with water in the morning- dietary curd rice.
 4. Kappal is cured within 3-5 days by eating 1 cup of mudar, chewing it after keeping it in a leaf of non-vegetarian betel leaves in the morning.
 1. 10 ml milk of mudar and 2 grams of fine powder of barberry, both of which are mixed together and put in batons made of bati, are beneficial.
 2. Soaking cotton wool in mudar milk, drying the shade, making light, soaking it in mustard oil and applying it on the ulcers is beneficial.
 Swelling of the eggs
 1. Grind 8-10 grams bark of the root with kanji and apply it on the skin, making it thick and thick like foreskin.
 2. Grind 2-4 leaves in the oil of the spleen and grind it on the stone, it becomes boiled like an ointment, and in the pain of the eggshell, the nappy tightens and gets relief soon.
 3. Putting castor oil on its leaves and tying it on the pimples cures choleretic.
 Cystitis: - Mix a little juice of acacia bark in Aak's milk and apply it around the navel and on the pelvis, away from the stroke.
 1. Bark 2 parts of mudar root and 1 part of black pepper, after filtering both in ginger juice or onion juice and make gram-like tablets, taking them during the day of cholera prevents cholera attack.  If a 1-1 tablet is given from 2-2 hours, it is beneficial.
 2. Grind 10 grams of Aak without feeding flowers and 5 to 5 grams of roasted icing, cloves, dry ginger, peepal, and black salt, make 125-125 mg tablets and take 1 tablet in a while.  In particular, give 4-4 tablets together.
 3. 10 grams of mudar flower, roasted icing, 4 grams, 6 grams of black pepper, mix them in the pulp of guarpatha and make tablets like gram, devour 1 tablet with rose extract.
 4. Make 10-20 grams of ginger juice and 10 grams of pure asafetida and 10 grams of ginger juice and make tablets like urad.  Taking 1-1 tablet with ginger, mint or onion juice after every vomiting diarrhea is of immediate benefit.
 5. Burn yellow leaves of mudar which have fallen down on their own, take 5 pieces and burn them in the fire.  When it burns to coal, extinguish them in half a kilogram of water in a galvanized vessel, give this water to the patient by a little, instead of water.
 1. Take five pieces of salt in the tender letters of Aak, add a quarter of sesame oil and an equal amount of lemon juice to everyone's weight and close the mouth of the vessel with a cloth and set it on fire.  When the paper burns, grind all the things out and keep it, taking 500 mg to 3 grams with hot water, kanji, buttermilk or alcohol as per the need, removes piles.
 2. Pouring three drops of mudar milk on mustard, sprinkles a bit of impregnated impregnation on it and swallowing it, it pests very quickly.
 3. Soak turmeric powder seven times in Aak's milk and dry it, then extract its long-long tablets in the shade only by extracting milk.  In the morning, after defecation, after sprinkling it in spit or water and applying it on warts, they dry up and fall within a few days.
 4. After defecation, break two or four fresh leaves of the mud and rub it in such a way that warts do not have any milk only whitewash.  It is beneficial in warts.
So this was some important information about calotropis gigantea . In this article I have told you about Calotropis Gigantean.their benefits,common names,medicinal uses,procera,Aak,Madar,white Aak etc.benefits of calotropis Gigantean in different diseases and their use in diseases, if you like our information, friends Share as much as possible. For more important information related to health-related, please visit our blog.


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