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Health Benefits of Almonds

  There are two types of almonds in the world - sweet and bitter.  Bitter almonds are not used for food.  Sweet almonds are also of two types.  The almond cover is not particularly hard and is separated only by mashing it with a pinch, it is called paper almond.  Paper almonds are often planted in gardens in a scientific manner.  Kagzi almond kernel is thick, weighty, special balsamic and delicious.  The almond cover is very hard, and is not easily separated without breaking anything is called Thara Almond.  Almond trees with such a hardcover are often wooded or mountainous.  The inner kernel is thin, light and dry.  The red thin peel on the kernel of both types of almonds has an astringent taste and constipation properties.  Sweet almonds are specially grown in countries like Kabul (Afghanistan) and Turkey in West Asia and in some countries of Europe.  Almonds are also produced in the coldest regions of India, such as Kashmir, Punjab and the southwest coast, but they are cold almonds.  Almonds are called Vatad, Vatam, Vatavari, Netropamphal in Sanskrit, Badam or Badam in Hindi, Almond in Marathi and Gujarati, Bilayati Almond in Bengali, Sweet Almond in English and Prunus Amygdalus in Latin.

  Oil in almonds is 54 percent, emu- Isin 3 percent, Protids 25 percent, and ash 3 to 5 percent.  The ash contains potassium- calcium, calcium and magnesium phosphate.  Nutrients in Almonds 24 parts.  Lube is 58 parts, carbohydrates 10 parts, mineral salts 3.1 / 4 parts, water 4.1 / 4 parts, and vitamins A and B are in small quantity.
Benefits of Almonds

Benefits of Almonds

  Properties of almonds

 Almond is called the king of dry fruits, who is not aware of it.  It has a special place in the Ayurvedic texts, due to its healthy properties, it is nutritious and quality from all fruits.  Eating an almond gives us the strength of an egg.  The protein found in almonds is more effective than the protein of meat and lentils.  If we eat the red peel of almond and grind it on a stone and mix it with water or milk, then it does not cause constipation.

  Almonds are temperate in summer and winter.  It produces new blood and semen in the body and purifies the contaminated blood and semen.

  The almonds cooked in Nighanturatnakar are described as sweet, smooth, nutritious, Shukraja, kaphaKarak and destroyer of bile and aeration.  Dried almonds are sweet, smooth, metallic, nutritious, Kaphakaarak and remove aeration.

  Bitter almond oil is 75 percent, Amygdalin 3 percent (this element is poisoned by the addition of water), protein 25 percent, emulsion sugar 3 percent and ash 3 to 5 percent.

Health Benefits of Almond

Health Benefits of Almond


  Dry cough) - Soak almond oil then separate its red skin.  Then grind it finely on the cob and mix honey in it as a sauce and take it several times a day, there will be a benefit in dry cough.

  In children with the dry disease) - Grind 5-7 almonds without red peel on the stool very finely or grind each and every meal on the stone.  After that, add some water to it and make it like white milk and give it to the child suffering from the dry disease every morning, then in a few days, his disease will go away slowly.

  Brain-dourness) - Grind 5-8 green leaves of Bahmi in the above-mentioned almond solution and after mixing it, consuming that solution has benefits in both body-brain and brain-enamel.  Consuming almond oil mixed with milk also removes the weakness of the body and brain.  With this yoga, there is also benefit in chronic headache and constancy.

  Winter deafness) - If deafness occurs due to getting cold, putting 5-8 drops of almond oil in the ear, deafness is cured.  One day oil should be applied in one ear and on the other day, after putting oil, the ear hole should be closed with cotton.

  Wounds) - Those who become wounds on the skin of the body by rubbing, lying or lying on horseback, etc. are cured quickly by using almond oil.

  Black stains and eczema of the body) - By grinding bitter almond kernel and making a light, keeping it in the vagina route stops the menstruation.

  Poison of a mad dog) -If someone bites a mad dog, then grind the bitter almond kernel and give it with a quantity of 6.3 / 2 as well and apply it on the bite, the effect of the bite of the mad dog is destroyed.

  Chronic headache) - Soak 5-7 almond nuts in water in the evening.  In the morning, remove their red peels and grind each one like sandalwood on the stone and mix it and drink it as a solution.  The old headache will be removed in 7-8 days.

  The pain of migraines) - Put small pieces of a tola almond in half a milk of cow and eat its kheer and relieve the pain of migraines in a few days.

 Insomnia) - 10 grams of almonds and 1 spoon of poppy seeds - soak them both in water and let them soak all night.  In the morning, remove the red peel of almonds and grind them together and mix milk and molasses, the insomnia-related disease will go away.

  Karnanad( Timmitus) - Sometimes there is a sound of sound in the ear.  In that condition, adding a little drop of sweet almond oil to the ear is beneficial.

  All types of headache) - Mixing 2 Masha Saffron with 2 Masha sweet almond oil and smelling 3-4 times a day, every type of head pain is destroyed.

  Back pain) - Massage the sweet almond oil and simultaneously grind the almond kernel and consume it with milk, it cures the back pain quickly.

  Stopping urination) - Consuming cooked milk mixed with a little sugar in sweet almond oil - provides benefits.

  Bladder stones) -Rose: Drinking 3 Masha oil of almond in the sweet milk of cow in the morning and evening breaks the bladder stones and comes out in a few days.

  Watering from the eyes) - If waterfalls from the eyes, then chewing a few drops of sweet almonds (3 to 4) every day, then watering from the eyes stops within a few days.

  All kinds of cough) -Meet almond kernel, fine powder of licorice, and extracted grapefruit, take all of them evenly with a little water in the skillet.  Then make tablets equal to gram grains.  Put 1 tablet in the mouth 4-5 times a day and suck its juice.  Regardless of the type of cough, doing so will definitely benefit.

  Loss of memory) - Beginning with a slice of sweet almonds without starting from 1 to 1 gird daily and chewing it up to 10 kernels and eat it in the morning.  Then from the 11th day, 1 - 1 fall every day, decreasing to 1, by doing so, the brain will become powerful, which will also increase the memory power.

  Insanity) - Soak 10 drops of almonds in water and peel off their red peel.  Then cook that pitty in 20 weighed milk of cow.  At the time of cooking, add 2 tola sugar candy and 3 pieces of small cardamom powder.  Once cooked, filter it and frost it.  By doing this, the power of the brain will be strengthened and the madness will disappear.

  Headache) - Soak the kernel of sweet almond in water overnight and remove its red peel in the morning and grind it like a kheer in milk and frost it and mix sugar in it and eat it daily for 3 days.  Also, rub the camphor with the almond kernel in milk and apply it on the forehead, it will provide relief in headaches.

  The whole body should be strong and strong) - Take 3 pieces of sweet almond and soak it in hot water in 10 weights in the morning, remove it in the morning and grind it very finely to make a pithy (Mash)or grind it with a little milk on the cob to make it like sandalwood.  Then it was mixed with 1 to 2 tola of Gulkand and fine powder of 1-2 Masha ashwagandha, after eating the mixture, drink milk cooked from the top and drink 10 to 20 tola.  With this use, the body becomes stronger and stronger.

  Dreaming)- Soaked peel, grind away 1 piece of sweet almonds with 3 Masha (1masha=0.972g) Misri (Rock Candy) and mix in fine Giloy(Tinospora -Cordifolia)extract and fresh butter, ghee 3 - 3 Masha and honey 4 Masha, all of them mixed together in the morning.  In the evening, the disease of dreaming goes away very soon.

So this was some important information about almonds.  In this articleI have told you about the health benefits of almonds, benefits of almonds, its benefits, benefits of almonds in different diseases and their use in diseases, if you like our information, friends  Share as much as possible.  For more important information related to health-related, please visit our blog.


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