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Information about Apple Fruits

  The apple is as beautiful and attractive to watch, the sweeter and tastier it is to eat.  That is why it is called the king of fruits.  But it is less known that the apple is related to the rose family named 'Rosaceae'.  The pink and white flowers of this fruit are like rose flowers.
 Apple is an ancient fruit.  It is said that this fruit developed from 'Crab Apple' which is found in abundance in different parts of Europe.  'Crab apple' is small in size and bitter in taste.  But some botanical explorers believe that apple is an Indian fruit because its description is found in ancient and Ayurvedic texts of India, such as Charak, Sushruta, and Bhavaprakash, etc.

  In our country, this fruit mainly occurs in Kashmir, Kullu valley, Nilgiris, Himalayan region, and Bhot belt of northern Garhwal.  But the most and sweet and good apple is found in Kashmir.  Good quality apple is also found in Kabul.  Not only in India, but the expansion of apple in the whole world is also more than the expansion of other fruits.  It is found in the far north.  The climate and soil of England are suitable for this and it is found in good varieties from the apples of other countries.

 Pliny the Elder is of the opinion that the Romans had knowledge of the apple long before.  He knew about 22 species of apples.  By 1700, the apples found in abundance in Europe were particularly green.  Nowadays around 2000 species of apple are found in the world, but only 20-30 species are seen in fruit shops.

  Malus pumila from which many varieties of apples have been developed is mainly the fruit of South-Eastern Europe and South-Western Asia.  Some of the experts say that it originated in the south of the Caucasus.  The various kisses of apples in Europe reached about 2000 years ago.  But in England, the Romans especially practiced the apple.  But now this fruit has taken the place of the world's most beloved fruit and is produced in the entire temperate belt and almost all the countries on both sides of the equator.

 There is hardly any fruit in the world whose spread is as wide as an apple.  Most apples are red, but green and yellow apples are also found, as well as botanists have now produced a variety of apples that do not contain seeds and are tastier and sweeter than ordinary apples.

 Various names of apples, in Sanskrit, Mushtipramana, Mahabdar, apple, Sichitika fruit, Sravam, and nectar fruit;  Apple, sev, safarajung in Hindi;  Mothe Bor in Marathi, Safar-Chand;  Safarjan in Gujarati;  Apples in Bengali, sev in Persian, katal;  Sib, Kittalaya in Kannada;  Apple in English;  And in Latin, it is called Malus-sylvestris mill.  The apple is called Pyrus malus Linn in scientific language.

  chemical analysis

 Chemical analysis of apple by scientists has revealed that 0 in it.  Contains 3% protein, 0.1% calcium, 0.02% phosphate, and 1.4% iron.  Apart from these, it also contains sugars, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, and many vitamins.

 Apples have a high amount of phosphorus and calcium.  In addition to all types of vitamins, there are high amounts of vitamins A, B, C, and D, in which the amount of vitamin B is high.

 About 100 units of vitamin B is found in a loaf apple.  Se B also contains a type of acid element whose quantity increases with sugar.

  This acid element has the property that it is used as fuel in the body in the same way as sugar.  This acid element is found in the apple from 0.16 to 1.11 percent.  It also has a quality that if the apple is chewed and chewed, it also acts as an antiseptic for teeth and gums. 

This is why medical practitioners say that apple is very beneficial for the patients of teeth.

 Health and curative properties

 According to Ayurveda science, apple astringent and sweet juice are predominant, cold and receptive.  In the light of light, apples are described as sweet, soft, delicious, destroying the Vata and pitta doshas, ​​phlegm growth factor, nutritious and semen-rich properties.

 According to the Unani system, apple is of two types, sour and sweet.  The sweet apple is warm and of good quality, while the sour apple is frosty and dry.  Sweet apple is considered more excellent for the heart and brain than all fruits.  By consuming it, the appetite becomes open and blood also forms in large quantities.  Unani hakims say that sour apple is more effective and useful than bile in gall diseases, and the consumption of sour apple is very useful for curing liver function.

 Apple is also known as Flesh Fruit in English.  It is clear that Apple is a wonderful meat-growing fruit.

 Apple is very beneficial for teeth.  The calcium of apple makes teeth strong.  It also makes the teeth shiny.  Eating an apple after a meal is to ensure health.

 Eat an apple daily and never call a doctor-doctor at home 'This very popular saying proves how much useful apple is for health.  This fruit has a wonderful quality of keeping the stomach clean.  If two apples are eaten every day on an empty stomach, there is never a complaint of constipation.  Apple proves very beneficial for children's dysentery.
 American dietician Dr. JH Kellag has written in one place that apple juice has amazing properties of destroying the harmful germs of the stomach and intestines, and this fruit proves to be very beneficial in stomach diseases.  He has also written that apple juice is more beneficial and energizing than grape juice.

 Apple is also very beneficial for arthritis and rheumatic diseases, especially in cases where the pain is due to the ill effects of uric acid.  Apples are also used to calm fever intensity.

 When eating an apple, people often peel off its top skin, but it is rich in vitamin C in the skin and in the pulp just below the skin.  Therefore, the eaters, including the skin, never suffer from bleeding from the gums.  Not only vitamin C, but vitamin A is also 5 times more in apple peel than apple pulp.

  So it is not wise to peel the skin of the apple but to take full advantage of eating the apple, it should be eaten with the skin.  Due to phosphorus and iron elements being predominant, apple transmits strength in the muscles of the brain and body and makes them strong.  The raw apple vegetable is delicious as well as very beneficial.

 Substances made from Apple

  Apple Gel, Apple Jam, Apple Pudding, Apple Drink, Apple Gulkand.

           Top 10 Benefits of Apple Fruits

 Health Benefits of Apple Fruits and its Uses.

 1. Heart and weakness of the mind) - In the case of weak heart and brain, eating fresh fruit of apple regularly is beneficial.

 Take sweet apples and peel them and slice them.  After that, place them in a glass or ceramic plate overnight and keep them in a place where the moon rays and dewfall.  Take those slices for breakfast at least one or one and a half months.  Apple jam is also helpful in this.

 2. Eye pain) - Grind the apple on the cob and when remaining one-fourth of the water, then mix the eighth part of it with the juice of lemon juice and make sugar syrup with native sugar or sugar and make 2 chunks of it by tying it to the sore eye.  The pain of the eyes becomes peaceful.

 3. Children's chronic dysentery) - Cook a sweet and ripe apple and mash it into a pudding-like form and feed it to the sick child.  By doing this, the pain of dysentery ends in 4 hours and after taking this pudding for a few days, the disease of dysentery goes away from its roots.  when

 4. If the anger comes more) - So eat one or two fresh apples regularly in the morning every morning, gradually the anger will cease.

  5. Malaria and Typhoid) - Proper intake of apple proves beneficial in malaria and typhoid.

 6. anxiety-confusion and nervousness) -fear, confusion, and nervousness, etc. fuss comes to light due to the weakening of the body's biographical power.  In these cases, consuming apple syrup works as a panacea.

 Prepare apple syrup in this way: - Remove the seeds and peels of sweet apples and grind them a little, then boil them with lukewarm water.  When remaining one-fourth of water, then mix the eighth part of kagji lemon juice and make sugar syrup with native sugar or sugar candy and take it with 2 tolas.

 7. Beware) - By squeezing the juice of sweet apple juice and heating it slightly on a low flame, giving it to the patient provides relief in unconsciousness.

 8. Excessive thirst) - Take the juice out of an apple by slicing and crushing it;  Mix about 3 tolas(1tola=11.664g)of water in it and give it to the patient, his trishaadhya (excessive thirst) disease will be peaceful.

  9. Cough) - Dry cough is dissolved by mixing sugar candy in ripe apple juice.

 10. Intestinal worms) - Intake of roasted apples kills intestinal worms.

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