Top 10 Benefits of Banana(Kela)| Use of Banana.


  Names of different languages

  This fruit, known as a banana in Hindi, is called Kol in Assamese, Kala in Bangla, Banana in Gujarati, Bale Gida in Kannada, or Balehannu, Kail in Konkani, Vazha in Malayalam, Kadalidva or Kel in Marathi, Kodoli or Rombha in Oriya, Vazhai in Tamil, Assi in Telugu, Banana in English or Plantain, and Musa paradisiacal in Latin.
  It is placed in the Musaceae clan of the botanical world.

  Short Description

  Banana is a very healthy and beneficial fruit in the world.  Banana is counted among the best fruits of our country and has also been given a special place in our Manglik works.  Due to its properties in foreign countries, it has been given the name of heaven and the name of Adam.
  People usually have the impression that when bananas are ripened or pulverized, germs are produced in them, but according to Dr. Tallero, this is a misunderstanding.  They say that as long as the banana peel is completely affixed to the pulp in it, it is edible and harmless.
  Some people also have the impression that bananas are heavy to digest.  Actually eating raw or underripe bananas happens because they do not easily turn into easily digestible sugars in our stomach.  However, if you feel heaviness after eating a banana, then eating one or two cardamom on top instantly brings lightness in the stomach.  According to Dr. William Tibullas, banana peels are edible even after they turn black, as long as the skin is pasted with pulp.

  Banana plants are green, 10 to 12 feet tall and woodless.  His letters are very big and the letters are thick and fleshy.  Its plants do not have branches and the column is leafy.  The banana pulp contains 1.5 percent protein, about 3 percent vitamins, 20 percent carbohydrates and the rest mostly water.  So eating ripe bananas does not cause indigestion.  In the Indian texts too, eating banana and milk together is called a complete meal.  This fact also becomes clear that the components of our food which are not in banana, are obtained from milk.  In this way, after eating milk and bananas, there is no need for any person to have food.  This yoga serves as a balanced diet.

  By feeding at least one banana to young children, the best disorder can be seen in them.  Bananas also contain many physiologic minerals like calcium phosphorus, iron, copper, lead, iodine, sodium manganese, etc.  Thus, from every point of view, it is good fruit.

  Properties of ripe bananas

  Delicious, soft, semen enhancer, body enhancer, meat enhancer, appetite, thirst reliever, and eye disease and pimples are perishable.

  Raw Banana Properties-

  Cold, receptive agents - that is, by its action which absorbs the impurities, feces, and metals of the body, is heavy in digestion, eliminating blood, bile, air, phlegm disorder, and decay.
        Top 10 Benefits of Banana

          Banana medicinal value

  (1) To increase weight-

  Consuming two bananas daily with a loaf of milk keeps the health good and increases body weight.

  (2) In intestinal diseases-

  Many people have complaints of diarrhea or dysentery due to intestinal disturbances.  It is beneficial for such people to consume two bananas with curd of half the weight of their (banana) weight.

  (3) Mouth ulcers-

  Some people get mouth sores on the day they arrive.  Such people should eat a banana with curd made from cow's milk.  This experiment has to be done for seven to ten days.

  (4) Premature ejaculation-

  Banana is sure shot cure medicine for premature ejaculation patients.  For this, banana should be eaten with honey.  Its quantity is banana honey with a banana.  Use it continuously for at least fifteen days.

  (5) To kill stomach worms and purify the blood-

  For this, the intake of banana root extracts is beneficial.  To make this extract, put 50 grams of the banana root in about one kg of water and heat it so that the amount of water is reduced to half.  Then filter the mixture.  This is the filtering extract.  Make fresh extracts in the same proportion.  Take two weighings of extracts at a time.

  (6) In women's somatology-

  In women, there is a disease similar to the polyuria of men.  It is called Somrog.  For the treatment of this disease, banana should be eaten with honey and sugar.  One tola honey and one tola sugar with two bananas are enough.

  (7) In T.B.

  Tb  That is, by giving a ripe banana to the patient in tuberculosis, one feels peace in the body and also gets relief in cough.

 (8) Constipation -

  Banana also gives relief from the problem of constipation.  You can take a banana with isabgol husk( Psyllium) or milk at night, which will help you get rid of constipation.  It is considered beneficial for today's patients.

 (9). For anemia -

 Bananas are rich in iron, iron deficiency is the main cause of anemia, and bananas help us to complete this iron deficiency.  Banana is very beneficial for patients with anemia and it should be consumed daily.

 (10). For eyes -

  Vitamin A is found in bananas.  Which is very beneficial for the eyes.  Many eye problems can be overcome by taking bananas daily.

 Today everyone loves drinking banana shake.  Making banana shake is very easy, it requires milk and banana.  Mixing milk and banana makes a shake.  By taking banana shake our body grows because bananas contain calcium and milk also contains calcium.  Many people like to eat raw banana vegetable which is very tasty to eat.  Those people who have a weak digestive system should not be taken alone or those who are obese should not take banana because the weak digestive system makes it difficult to digest and those who are obese, their weight increases.  Those who are thin people can consume it more.  It is cultivated mostly in the state of Kerala in India and is the main source of income.  Banana is available in every season, its demand never decreases.  People who consume 2 bananas in the morning with milk, their bodies become strong.  So this was some important information about bananas.  If you like our information, then share this post as much as possible.

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