Top 20 Benefits of Turmeric|Uses,Interactions, dosage.


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Top 20 Benefits of Turmeric

  Turmeric is referred to in Sanskrit as Haridra, Peeta, Rajni, Nisha;  Turmeric, Turmeric, Hardi in Hindi;  Halad in Dravid;  Halud in Bungalow;  Manjal 3 in Malayalam plow-rate in Gujarati;  Halad in Marathi;  Pasupu in Telugu, Pampi;  Aru Case Fur Kukum in Arabic, Darjadi in Farsi, Choubah;  Turmeric in English;  And in Latin, it is called Curcuma Longa.

 chemical analysis

  The oil produced in turmeric contains 1%, the powdery substance called Haridraik and Haridratel, etc.  The oil is thick, yellow and sticky which gives the smell and taste of turmeric.


 Turmeric is specially sown in Bengal, Bihar, Madras, and Dehradun, etc.  Turmeric is a famous spice in all the provinces of India.  Apart from putting in greens, lentils, pickles, curry, etc., it also works as a medicine.  Turmeric is considered a great auspicious thing.  Turmeric yellow cloth is used in auspicious works.
 Its plant is like ginger, it takes 1 to one and a half feet long and wide leaves which smell like mango smell.  Stalks of 1–4 inch long flowers contain turmeric 1 inch long flowers.  Flowers are planted in the rainy season.  It has a Nodular, round and long fruit whose inner part is yellow.
 According to Ayurveda, turmeric is tikt(bitter)caturas, raksh, miniature qualities, temperate and katuvipak.  It is antidiabetic, curative, analgesic, cholelithiasis and anthelmintic.  It purifies the blood, corrects the excess of urine and reduces its excess.  This is going to cure leprosy and many other diseases.

In South India, women rub the powder of fresh or dried turmeric on the body and then bathe.  By doing this, the hair does not grow in their body and the body's ear gets sparkled.  Similarly, under Hindu culture, turmeric is a fortunate substance which is a kitchen decoration on the one hand and a necklace of the family on the other.  Turmeric tilak is applied.  Devotion is not complete without turmeric.  Turmeric is considered a special item in marriages etc.  If the knot of turmeric is not tied in the wrists of the hands of the bride and groom, then the marriage-sacrifice is not complete.  Turmeric is yellowed with rice and brought to worship.

  Benefits of Turmeric

 Turmeric cure diseases

  1. Wound Wounds) - In which wounds fall on the worms, by spraying finely ground turmeric on it, the worms of the wound die and the wound heals quickly.

  2. Tooth pain) - By grinding both the asafetida and asafetida together and pressing it under the tooth, it ends tooth pain.

 3. Philpawan) - Grind turmeric and mix jaggery and make tablets.  If you take one tablet every day with cow urine, then the phlegm disease is cured.  Ringworm and leprosy are also cured by this yoga.

  4. Pinus) - In this disease, raw turmeric prepared by adding ghee, rock salt, and black pepper should be eaten with dried wheat flour.  Also, cook the same turmeric in 1 tola juice of raw turmeric and cook it.  When the juice burns, strain the melted butter with a cloth.  In this oil, pour cotton into the nasal cavity by immersing the phi of the cotton and pull the melted butter up, and then throw the phi.  Thus, by doing 15 days, the disease will be cured.  That is, the water will stop running from the nose, the sore throat will open, the patient will stop spitting repeatedly, and the food will start to be beneficial.

  5. Cervical dermatitis) - 1 teaspoon powder of turmeric powder, and a handful of bamboo leaves powder mixed together with water and apply the fine paste, it is beneficial in all skin diseases.

 6. Boil) - a spoonful of turmeric and 1 or two handfuls of boiled rice.  Or by tying the turmeric, salt, oil, and flour poultice on the boil, it ripens quickly.

  7. In diseases,) - Turmeric powder 1 tola (1tola=11.664g)and water three - both dissolve well and use in eye diseases.  Or turmeric, licorice, myrrh, 'cedar' dissolve them together and they will cure almost all eye diseases.

 8. Urticaria) - Mix turmeric 4 Ratti (1 Ratti=0.1215g), dry ginger 4 Ratti, black pepper 2 Ratti, cardamom 2 Ratti, all four.  This is a quantity.  By consuming this powder, the air is formed in the stomach, indigestion, constipation, and abdominal colic are all erased.

 9. All types of heart disease) - Taking turmeric powder mixed with amla juice and honey, all types of diseases get relief in a few days.

 10. Cold) -If new cold, mix turmeric powder in milk and heat it.  Then after taking it down when it is lukewarm, add a little jaggery to it and drink it in the morning, evening and night, in addition, if there is a dilute water-like secretion, then let the smoke of turmeric appear on the nose, the cough will stop.

  11. Bahumutra, urinary disease) - Mix turmeric powder and sesame seeds 1 Masha(1masha=0.972g), and jaggery 2 Masha together and take it with stale mouth water daily in the morning and evening, multimorbidity gets relief in a few days.

 12. Chickenpox wounds) - Grind turmeric and catechu together and sprinkle them on the scars of smallpox.

  13. Chole swelling) - To remove swelling that occurs on the body due to sticks, stones, etc., grind turmeric and betel-lime together and heat it.

 14. Flowing) - Puffing of turmeric and alum together - putting it in the ear and removing the pus from the ear is removed.

 15. Body-color should be blond) - Mixing fine powder of turmeric in barley flour and boiling it turns the body color blond and eradicates the itching of the skin.

 16. White leucorrhoea) -Coughy leucorrhoea should be consumed with turmeric powder and with juice if the diluted discharge occurs.  Quantity - 2 to 3 Masha(1masha=0.972g) morning and evening.

 17. Blood flows at the time of attachment) - Fine powder of turmeric, apply it from where the blood comes out, blood will stop flowing immediately.

 18. Mastitis) - Mothers with maternity and child often get swollen breast disease.  In this disease, mix turmeric and ghee pulp with lukewarm milk and apply it on 4-8 times a day thickened breastmilk.  The swelling will disappear and if the Thanela has to be ripened, it will burst and fill quickly.

 19. Cough) - Grind these three in water, barberry, and mainsail, make small lights and dry them.  If you smoke like a beedi by lighting a light, then the cough stops in the cough and the chest becomes light.

  20. Old metal related disease or spasm) - Lose raw turmeric juice and pure honey 1-1 tola in the morning and mix it together, and at night, three Masha dry turmeric powder and 4 Masha pure honey boiled and frosted 1  Mix and drink in powdered goat milk.  If you do this for 60 days, then the old metal-related defects - thinness, back pain, restlessness, depression, and irritability, etc. are all away.

 So this was some important information about the health benefits of turmeric.  In this article, I have told you about the benefits of turmeric, its benefits, benefits of turmeric in different diseases and their use in diseases, if you like our information, please share more and more.  For more important information related to health-related, please visit our blog.

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