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What are the Benefits of Onion
What are the Benefits of Onion?

 What are the Benefits of Onion?. There is hardly any person in the world who has not heard the name of the pie or who does not know the onion. 

Onion is a major part of vegetables and spices.Onion is present in almost every household,it is eaten with great hobbies.

In Sanskrit, onion is known as Palandu ,Tishtkand, Polyandra, Krumighan, Yavneeshta, Deodorant, and Mudhudakka. 

Onion is called onion or Piyaz in Hindi. Dungli, Dungri, and Kando in Gujarati.

Kanda in Marathi, Penyaz in Bangla, Ganda in Punjabi, Onion in English, and Alium Cepa in Latin. 

Onion requires a warm and temperate climate.  Hence it is sown for food and spices in all parts of India.  Five pounds of seed is enough to sow in one acre of land.

Sowing time is from August to November and in hill stations from February to June.  The crop gets ready in three-four months.  The onion crop is in red, white and yellow colors. 

White onion is especially used in medicine. There is a knot in the root of onion, in which about 1-1 long leaves of a particular type are produced. 

Onion leaves are green like ink and hollow from within.  The onion knot may remain safe for one year, but the onion seed cannot remain safe for so long.  Old onion seeds do not grow by sowing.

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What is Benefits of onion

What is Benefits of onion

 Water in large onions is 4%

protein 1.2%


mineral salts 0.4%

carbohydrate 11.6%

calcium 0.14%,

phosphorus 0.05%

iron 0.4ml  Per 100 grams

vitamin B, 40EU per 100 grams

vitamin C 11 ml per 100 grams

and 29  17 milligrams of calories are obtained. 

Water in small onion 4.3%, protein 1.4%, fat 0.1%, mineral salts 0.3%, carbohydrate 13.2%, calcium.06%, phosphorus 0.04%, iron 1.  2 ml per 100 gm, vitamin A25ew per 100gm, vitamin B, 50ew per 100gm and vitamin C11 ml per 100gm.  Water in onion stalks is 6.7%, protein 0.4%, fat 0.2%, mineral salts 0.4%, carbohydrate 4.4%, calcium 0.5%, phosphorus 0.5%, iron 7.5  There is 100 grams per milliliter.  Per 29  Tola, 12 ml grams of calories are obtained.

 One of the oily extracts from the onion contains sulfur, albumen, laces, explosive acid, lime citrate, and lignin.

Out of the seeds, a type of clean oil is produced which is used in medicine . 

White onion is beneficial in gurus, sweet, pastoral, balsamic, interest-bearing, metal stabilizing force, intellect-enhancer, perfumer, physiotherapist, and blood-bile.

Red onion is Guru, pungent, cold, gallbladder, phlegm-neutralizing, deep, hypnotic, old age and snoring.  It is useful in disorders of mouth or face, etc.

 In onions, Silapicrine, Scillamarine, and Scillinine perform three functions.  It slows down the heart rate.

  In cough, whooping cough, and chronic cough, it is given to remove phlegm. 

In France, onion has been consumed as a useful and potent substance for many years.  The decoction of onion has a satisfying and good effect on people who are drunk during the night.

There is hardly any hotel in France where onion decoction is not available.What are the Benefits of Onion?

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Benefits of onion

 Medical use

  Onion use in the treatment of diseases has been going on since time immemorial.  Its virtues are mentione in the sutra -sthanas of Charaka and Sushruta, and also in Harit Samhita. 

Charaka has written the use of onions in the treatment of diseases of blood bile, bleeding, weakness, etc.What are the Benefits of Onion?

 Below are the medical uses of onions in some diseases: -

 Impotency) - Take 20-20 tola juice of onion juice and pure honey and mix into one and make sorbet.  29  Consuming this syrup daily with the amount of tola has great benefits in lack of impotence and work-power, as well as makes the body strong and strong.

  Premature Ejaculation) - Collect a ser pink-colored onion with an equal number of knots (amaranth) and after peeling off the top, make a round incision in each onion.  Then cook them in 2 ser real honey.  Take off when 2-3 vigor comes.  When it gets cold, keep it in Amritban(clay pot). 

Every night before going to sleep, eat one onion from it and drink 1 cup cow's milk on top.  With this remedy, the disease of early degeneration will be overcome, semen will also be strengthened and if there is impotence then it will also be destroyed.

By running this experiment for 41 days, the immense power of manhood fills the body and the youth who has gone headlong on the body returns again. 

 Menstrual) - Prepare the decoction by putting 5 tola pieces of onion in one kg of water.  Add 3 tola old jaggery to that decoction and heat it and give it to the patient.  By doing this for a few days, her stop periods will be opened monthly, and if the patient is suffering from pain then it will disappear.

Benefits of Onion Eating

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Benefits of Onion Eating

 Stomach pain of children) - Licking two-three drops of onion juice mixed with pure honey, relieves stomach pain of children.

 Stomach worms of children) - The feeding of raw juice of onion in terms of age kills the stomach worms.

 Stopping urination) - After frying an onion in hot ashes and ripping it, putting a hot-hot dam on the child's bladder, the stalled urine comes out.

 Stop flooding of children) - Flooding of children is good by taking interest and jaggery.  She does not stop.

 Scurvy) - By consuming raw onions with food in the morning and evening, within a few days, scurvy can get rid of the disease.

 Loss of hunger) - Eating one or half raw onion with a roast meal will start feeling hungry in a few days.

 Indigestion) - Consumption of onion with vinegar while eating is beneficial in indigestion.  Drinking salt mixed with raw onion juice also helps in indigestion.

 Constipation) - If onion is consumed with food, constipation is eliminated.

 Piles) - Taking onion with food is beneficial in blind piles.  If piles are bloody, the onion should be cooked after cooking in Ghee. Grind thin stools and apply on the navel after grinding.

 Nausea) - Eating onion with salt stops nausea.

 Spleen-disorder) - Eating onion poured into vinegar daily with food will calm spleen disorder.

  Stomach ache) -Heat the interest in the ground of fire and crush it and squeeze its juice in water.  After that, adding one Masha salt in it will give immediate, immediate benefit to the patient of stomach-ache.  Drinking the only salt mixed with onion juice gives the same benefit.

Onion Benefits

 Urination due to pain) - Make a decoction by pouring 6 grams of onion pieces in half a kilogram of water and give it to the person who feels difficulty in urinating, then the urine will come out freely.  By doing this experiment, the obstructed urine also opens and the urine also burns.

 Lungs and breathing) - Disease of the nose - Keep the onion in a box and crush the onion and wrap it in clean cotton.  By doing this, there are benefits in tonsils, cough, respiratory diseases, lung decay, throat, and respiratory tract diseases.

  Cold) -Eating a raw knot of onion at bedtime cures a cold.

  Asthma) - Mixing both white onion juice 1 tola and honey 1 tola, and taking it every day before sunrise, in 40 days is beneficial in parental asthma.

 Rajayakshma) - Eating onion juice or raw onion with salt provides relief in Rajayakshma.  Mix 4 drops of onion juice in some water and take it 3 times a day.

 Hemorrhage) - Tie two pieces of onion and tie it in the neck, it cures epistaxis. Putting onion juice, the juice of pie leaves, or onion juice, and adding cooked ghee or goat ghee to the nose is also beneficial.

 Ringworm) - Grind the seeds of onion with the vinegar and apply it on the ringworm, it disappears within a few days. 

White stain - Grind the onion seeds in cow urine and apply it on the stains,it removes white stains(spots) within a few days.

 Hair loss) - Grinding onion and adding honey to it and applying it on the head stops hair fall.

benefits of onion for hair

benefits of onion for hair

 Bald head) -Cut pieces of interest and rub those pieces on the root of the hair.  After that massage with honey at that place and leave. 

After 1 hour wash with water and apply pure castor oil.  If you do this for a few days, the hair will start to grow on the bald head.

 Headache due to heatstroke) - Grind fine onion and apply it on the soles of the feet, it provides relief in headaches caused by sunstroke.

 Night blindness) - If there is night blindness due to strong sunlight, then adding 2 to 2 drops of onion juice to the eyes daily. Mixing a little salt in the juice quickly helps.

 Cataract) - Mixing an equal quantity of onion juice and honey, and applying it for a few days provides benefits in cataract.

Mixing only onion juice with three times water is also beneficial.  Tooth pain: Pressing a piece of onion under the aching teeth makes the toothache.

 Swelling of gums) - Mix equal amount of fennel with pieces of interest and keep it in the mouth until the resin is filled in the mouth and it starts falling.  This yoga is aqueous for both gingivitis and pain.

 Teeth worm or pyorrhea) - Heat the onion and place it between the teeth, the teeth worms will die and the pyorrhea will be cured.

So this was some important information about onion.  In this article I have told you about what are benefits of onionbenefits of onionBenefits of onion for hair, its benefits, benefits of onion in different diseases and their use in diseases, if you like our information, friends  Share as much as possible.  For more important information related to health-related, please visit our blog.

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