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Gajar(Carrot)|Gajar Benefits, Nutritions Value.



 There was a time when carrots(Gajar) were considered to be the food of rabbits and donkeys, but today she is called the queen of food items and is called the nectar and her juice is the life-juice. In english Gajar is called Carrot.

  There are two types of carrots in our country - a native carrot, also known as black carrot, and the other carrot, also known as a yellow carrot.  Both types of carrots are good and nutritious.  Native carrots have more fiber.

 Just as tomatoes are considered to be both sweet and fruity, so are carrots.  By the way, carrots are counted in landlords only.  That is, its roots are in the ground and leaves are above the ground.

 The carrot plant is 2 to 4 feet high.  The leaves are like soy leaves, but dense, wide and thick, 2-3 inches long.  The flowers are white, in hives, and bunched.  And carrot seeds are found in crescent seeds like fennel seeds.

 When digging a carrot, there are threads in it.  They are its roots.  These roots are satisfied and take the form of carrots again.

 Red and black carrots are more potent, and yellow are less.  Carrot is cultivated in almost all of India.

 Carrots in Sanskrit, carrots in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and Bengali;  Carrot in English;  And in Latin, it is called Daucus-Carota.

 Health properties of Gajar (carrots)

 Since the discovery of food, ever since it was found that carotene is found in the yellow color of vitamin A, the carrot has become very high in greens and vegetables.  Protein elements have also been detected in carotene, which has increased the food value of carrots even further.

 Vitamin A, which is found high and especially in carrots, is a great tonic for the eyes.  The person suffering from eye disease is the person whose diet is deficient or deficient in this vitamin.  Even such a person can become completely blind.  In our country, the number of patients suffering from eye diseases and the blind is increasing, this situation can be overcome with the consumption of carrots and other green leafy vegetables.  During the Second World War, the drivers of airplanes were forced to drink carrot juice, due to which they could fly the airplane at higher altitudes - especially at night.

 Carrot cleans the stomach in the same way as a scrub floor.  It scraps the intestines and cleans all its feces.  That is why the stool of those who start using it, at first, turns out to be very deodorant and beige or black.

 Carrot carotene is the perfect medicine for all dermatitis.  Some days by consuming only milk and carrots, you can be freed from chronic skin diseases like Khaj, Ukwat, etc.  Women and children should be encouraged to eat carrots.  By its use, the skin becomes beautiful and bright.  Leaners can increase their weight by using it.  Carrot is very beneficial, especially in the stage when the body is developing and forming in childhood.

 Carrots are produced in winter.  In those days it is as if nature keeps the store of health with both hands.  If the carrot is used methodically throughout the winter, it proves more beneficial than a skilled doctor.
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 The right way to eat Gajar (carrots)

 The best way to get the most out of carrots is to wash and clean them and chew them raw.  By doing this, the benefit of eating carrots is 100 percent, as well as the exercise of the teeth, is well done, so that they remain beautiful, strong, and healthy throughout life.

 Some caution is also required in the consumption of carrots.  Those who have complaints of dysentery, diarrhea, intestinal decay, or ulcers, etc. should consume carrots a little, because carrot fibers and puffiness may prove to be harmful in the above-mentioned diseases.  Therefore, in these diseases, instead of chewing raw carrot, its juice should be used.

 Due to being alkaline, the carrot cleans the blood and keeps the ratio of alkali and acid in the blood balanced and many diseases of the body start to get away from you.

 To make carrot juice useful for health, a little cabbage juice, spinach leaves juice, cucumber-cucumber juice can be mixed with it.  Coconut water is very tasty with carrot juice and is also beneficial.

 Carrot antiseptic is one of its special properties.  It also helps to cleanse the skin and make it beautiful.  Skin becomes beautiful or human becomes beautiful. The redness increases in the blood of the body because of the presence of abundant iron in it.  An adequate amount of iron is found in carrots, which is the food of hemoglobin, the red particle in the blood.  When they do not get iron, they become lifeless.  As a result, a glimpse of blood pressure starts appearing on the human face.  And it starts to get sick and ugly.

 It is worth noting that in carrot leaves, iron is found 4 times as much as carrots.  But these leaves do not even get our attention.  They are considered the food of animals, not humans.

 Our body needs 15 milligrams of iron daily, which is hardly found in 5-7 heads of milk.  But this iron is found to be 1.5 in 100 grams of carrots and 6.7 milligrams in carrot leaves.  It has been observed that 15 milligrams of iron which we need daily can be easily filled with 165 grams of free carrot leaves.

 Apart from beauty, carrots, oozes, forces, are also considered beneficial in increasing biographical power.

 There is no fear of infection at the time of delivery if a carrot, which improves the quality of milk of breastfeeding mothers, is taken in the last three months of pregnancy ie from the seventh month to the tenth month.

 Apart from iron, people who are very deficient in Vitamin A in their food can also be fulfilled by eating carrots. Carrots are equally beneficial for children, young people, and old men.

 Vitamin A in carrots is 10 to 20 times that of cow, goat, buffalo milk.  Our body needs 3000 EU of vitamin A daily, which we can only get from 100 grams of carrots.  Carrot root contains carotene, hydro carotene, sugars, starch, pectin, malic acid, lignin, albumen, salts, a volatile oil, a substance like a terpene, and cineol.  And iron is also found in sufficient quantity.  Yellow pungent oil is found in carrot seeds.

 Treatment of diseases by Gajar(Carrot)

 Night blindness) - Eye diseases due to lack of vitamin A in the body, especially night blindness comes to light.  If the patient of night blindness consumes 1 kg of carrot daily or drinks its juice, then this disease must go away, because carrot is a storehouse of vitamin A.

 Diabetes) - Carrot juice is beneficial in diabetes-disease because the sweetness of carrot juice keeps the insulin secreted within it under control. Due to this element of carrot, diabetes does not increase, inverse digestion reduces it.

 Upset stomach and intestines) - Drinking juice of carrots, mixed with cabbage juice, and drinking it for a few days is beneficial in the stomach and intestines.

 Arthritis) -Great juice and parsley juice-mixing both together, drinking arthritis, kidney diseases, and cholecystitis are eliminated.

 Leprosy) - Take both juices of carrot and spinach juice together, it cures leprosy-disease.

 Obesity) - Drinking the juice of carrot and lettuce (salad) leaves in one, reduces obesity.

 Diseases of nose and throat) - Take 25 juice of carrot juice and 25 tola juice of spinach and mix it in two and take it 2-3 times daily, it is beneficial in diseases of nose and throat.

 Pomegranate) - Take 25 tola carrot juice and one tola juice of amla - both, 2-3 times a day.

 Eczema(Dermatitis) - Eczema is eradicated by abandoning the salt and drinking only 25-25 Tola of carrot juice 3-4 times a day.

 Heart disease and blood problems) - 10 grams of spinach mixed with 20 tola juice, three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening, heart disease, and blood problems are cured.

 Swelling) -Gozar juice 20 tolas and spinach juice 15 tolas together, twice a day, swelling disappears.

 Asthma) - Mixing 10 tola juice of spinach in 20 tola juice of carrot and drinking it 3 times a day is helpful in asthma.

 Light of the eyes increases) - 20 grams of carrot juice and 15 tola juice of spinach mixed twice a day - morning and evening, the eyesight becomes stronger.

 Urine) - In this disease, taking one glass of carrot juice daily increases urine and eats urine.

 Cancer) - Take 20 tola carrot juice daily, cures cancer disease.

 Semen-Debility)- Regular consumption of carrot pudding or pudding makes the semen strong and thick.

 Decrease of work power) - Consumption of carrot marmalade in the honeydew increases sexual arousal.

 Jaundice) -Gajar decoction twice a day- drinking twice a day is beneficial in jaundice.

 Cramps in the calves) - Toast the carrots in the cramps of the feet by roasting the carrot and eating it with sugar, it is beneficial.

 Hemorrhage) - Grind fresh carrot and apply it on the head and forehead, then the nose stops bleeding.

 Scabies-itching) - Itching is cured by grinding the carrot and applying rock salt mixed hot.

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