Sugar Beet(Beetroot) | Sugar Beet Benefits and Beetroot Dishes.

Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet

 Sugar Beet is a caste vegetable of radish, carrot, and turnip.  Its production and consumption are both high in Europe and America.  Sugar is made from this and eaten as a vegetable.  It is sown in our country.

 Beet plants are like radish or turnip plants.  Its leaves and tubers are also like radish and turnip leaves and tubers.  But the tuber is more voluminous and round than the tuber of radish.

 Beetroot is of two colors red and white.  The juice produced by cutting the red beetroot is also red in color.

 Beet in Hindi;  Bedded greens in the bungalow, Vit bed;  Sugar beet in English;  And in Latin, it is called beta Vulgaris.

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 chemical analysis

 Proteins in beetroot 10.4 percent, carbohydrate 13.4 percent, calcium 0.20 percent, phosphorus 0.04 percent, mineral content 0.4 percent, water 62.4 percent, and iron 1 mg per 100 grams, vitamin C 4 mg, Vitamin B14 e.u, and Vitamin A is just a name.  There is also a special element in beetroot called Betin which is very effective.

 Although sugar content in beetroot is high, that sugar is inferior to sugarcane sugar.

 Sugar of beet sugar brings warmth in the body and increases vitality, but is not helpful to the heart.

 According to Ayurveda, beetroot, sweet, sarc, nutritional, blood vascular, and mental disorders and inflammation, etc. are beneficial.

 Eating sugar beet enhances work power.  Beetroot is also eaten raw like a radish.

 Red beet is more nutritious and beneficial than white beet, and white beet is tart and diuretic.
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 Beetroot Dishes

 Beetroot Curry

 Beetunder is a good tuber vegetable that is eaten both raw and cooked.  It has more sugar content than other components.  Therefore it is unique in increasing body heat and agility.  It does not take too long to digest, it is also nutritious.  But it is digestive and quick to digest only when it leaves along with the tubers are eaten.

 Sugar beet gets a lot from Karthik(October) to Magh(January).  It must be eaten in those days.

 To make beetroot, its root and leaves should be cut and boiled together in a little water and softened.  The water that remains after boiling should not be thrown away, but it should be dried in it or put in the cooked lentils, etc.  Or, Tarkari(curry) should be eaten by keeping its broth.  After boiling, it should be used to mix salt and chili in the beetroot for taste.  By adding more spice-oil to this curry, its properties should not be destroyed.

 Treatment of diseases with sugar beet

 Burning of urine) - Boil the beetroot in water and strain it.  By drinking this water 3-4 times a day for half an hour, the burning sensation of urine becomes calm and swelling of the kidneys also disappears.

 Stone disease) - Boil the moon in the water and mash it.  In half an hour, this water will drink three to four times a day and in a few days the stones of the kidneys will melt out.

 Lack of blood) - Lack of blood, eating its juice or salad, blood deficiency disappears.

 Stopped menstruation) - Boil the beetroot in water and mash it a lot and filter it.  Drinking half to one chunk of it 3-4 times a day causes the cold to stop menstruation.

 Lack of milk in the breast of the mother) - Regularly taking beetroot increases the milk in the breast of the mother of the child who drinks milk.

 Bad nails) -Colorful nails become beautiful due to regular consumption of sugar because due to lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body, nails become discolored.  And by eating beetroot, the body gets both these elements.

 Diseases of the uterus) - Almost all diseases of the uterus disappear by regular consumption of beetroot.

 Shingles) - Applying honey mixed with the juice of beetroot leaves makes the ringworm good.

 Baldness) - Grind the leaves of beetroot with turmeric- by applying it on the head, or simply applying the juice of the leaves continuously on the head, the hairs of the head re-grow.

 Hands) - Bursting of feet - Washing hands and feet with beet decoction or keeping them in the same decoction stops tearing off hands and feet.

 Earache) -Even pain ends by lukewarm juice of beetroot leaves into the ear.

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