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Radish Benefits|Radish recipe, Nutrition facts, Radish juice and carving.

Radish Benefits

Radish Benefits, Nutrition facts, juice and carvings.

There are many Radish Benefits. Radish is often found everywhere in India and is eaten raw and cooked in the form of vegetables.  Radish is of one color i.e. white.  Its plant is 1 foot to 13 feet tall.  Its root goes straight into the ground.  Caste is also its red circle.  It is called vilayati (Foreigner)radish.  Sometimes, radish tubers are very large.  The very big and thick radish of Jaunpur is famous.

 Radish can be grown in almost all seasons.  But it is produced especially in winter.

 Radish pods are called Mogri.

 Radish is native to Sanskrit, hastidantak, hari-leaf;  Moola in Bengali, Gujarati, and Marathi;  Moor in Sindhi;  Radish in Punjabi;  Turk in Farsi;  Fujl in Arbi;  Mullagi in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam;  Radish in English;  And in Latin, it is called Raphanus sativus.

 Chemical Analysis, and Properties

 Proteins are found in radish 0.4 percent, fat 0.3 percent, carbohydrate 7.5 percent, and water 90.8 percent.  Calcium, phosphorus, and iron are abundant in it.  Vitamin A, B, and C are also present in it.

 The use of radish leaves clears defecation.  These leaves are also diuretic.  Their biggest feature is that by using their juice, the foreign matter located in the body dissolves and gets out of the body.  For example, in the case of bladder stones or uric acid in arthritis, the juice of radish leaves proves beneficial.  This is why the juice of radish leaves is a panacea for all such diseases.  Not only this, but regular consumption of radish leaves also can not cause such diseases in the body.

 Radish seeds, in addition to the property of excreta, diuretics, and the removal of foreign matter from the body, resume the menstrual period of women, and if they are deficient, they increase the bleeding and make it natural.

 One-third of potassium is in radish juice and the other one third is sodium.  Iron and magnesium are also found in sufficient quantities.  Apart from these, it contains sulfur, chlorine, phosphorus, calcium, and iodine.  It also contains a good amount of Vitamin A, B, and C.

 One thing to be noted in the use of radish is that radish leaves, especially the soft leaves which are very close to the root, must be eaten.  Since the reaction of radish is alkaline, it should be eaten in raw condition and with its leaves to take full advantage of radish.  Radish is a very good vegetable.  It has been used since time immemorial.  Charaka and Sushruta Samhitas describe the uses of radish.  It proves very beneficial in diseases like Mandagni, Anorexia, chronic constipation, Arsham, Afra, menstrual pain, etc.

 Radiation of Radish

 Radish sauce

 Make radish root flakes and fine pieces of its soft, green, and fresh leaves and mix in one.  Now put the juice of sour pomegranate or kagji lemon juice and salt from the top, radish chutney will be ready.

 Radish cravings

 Radish may be eaten as cooked or eaten raw, but it should be eaten with its leaves, otherwise, you cannot get the full benefit of eating radish, and perhaps eating radish without leaves is likely to harm health.  Lives more.

 To make radish useful, it should be thoroughly washed.  Then, along with the leaves, should be cut and put in a narrow mouth plate and leave the boiling water out of the top.  The latter should cover the pot and keep it on a low flame with vigor.  When the water is cooked and its water is dried and mixed in it, then it should be used after taking it down, adding salt, chili, and a little butter in it. Or, make radish cravings in a steam cooker.  When cooked in these ways, radish cravings have almost all the properties of radish which help in improving health.  Consuming radish and its sweetener is beneficial in major diseases.

 Some of the names of diseases are hiccups, hemorrhoids, indigestion, appendicitis, urinary stains, white stains, painkillers, goiter, bravatas, sexual debility, Vata-phlegm fever, and acidity.

 Radish juice

 After ordering good originals from the market, wash them thoroughly with water.  Then clean them with a cloth and wash them with a knife.  Now put those slices in a vessel and put salt, chili and turmeric powder on them and stir, so that the spices get mixed in the original.  Then, keep the pot of mouth closed.  It is necessary to give the oil thread before closing.  After three to four days when the pain rises, add more oil to it as necessary.  Just the thought will be ready.  Occasionally, shake this pickle and do not put dirty hands in the paint, otherwise, the pain will be spoiled and it will get jammed.

 This pickle is very tasty and beneficial.  It works as a panacea for patients with heat spleen.  If the liver is enlarged, then by consuming this juice, it will also come back to its health.

 Wash radish without oil, wash the basics, and peel them with a knife and make them.  Now take sharp vinegar as needed and put it in the pieces and put salt on top of it, without oil the radish will get ready.

 Treatment of diseases with radish benefits.

 Piles) -Original is the same medicine for every type of piles.  Piles are cured by taking 1 gram of radish (58.32g) juice daily in the morning and evening.

 Boiling dry radish and drinking its juice also provides relief in piles.

 Grind dry radish and tie it on the piles of piles and bake it, it kills moles.

 Separate the white fibrous portion on top of some roots, crush the rest and squeeze out the juice.  Mix 4 Masha (3.888g) ghee in this juice and consume it daily in the morning, both bloody and bad piles are cured.

 The wound of the intestines) - Consuming raw, soft, and sweet radish daily wounds the intestines.

 Cough) -morning-evening 5-5 weighing (1 tola = 11.664g) mixed with sugarcane juice in radish juice and taking it for a few days is beneficial in chronic cough, whooping cough and other types of cough.

 Arthritis) - Taking sugarcane juice mixed with radish juice is also beneficial in arthritis.

 Jaundice) - Regular intake of raw radish is helpful in jaundice.

 Acidic acid) - Take soft radish in pieces and mix sugar powder in it and eat it.

 Stopping urination) -4 Masha (1 masa = 0.972g) Grind the seeds of radish very finely and mix it in one and a half pav of water and then filter it.

 Indigestion) -Indigestion is erased by eating fine fresh and green leaves of radish, finely chopped, and chewed by mixing a little salt.

 Pandu Rog(Jaundice) - Take 10 tola (1 tola = 11.664g) juice of radish leaves and cook it on fire.  Take it off when it comes to a boil and after filtering and eating 2 toes of native sugar and eating it by making a pivot, as well as radish and herbs of their leaves, the Pandu rog gets cured.

 Stones) - When the seeds of radish-four-toe radish are cooked in half the water, when the water remains full, filter it, the stones will go out after melting.

 13-13 Masha Radish.  Taking the powder of seeds with water in the morning and evening is also beneficial in stone disease.
 Mixing 3 Masha parsley in the juice of 4 tole radish leaves and consuming it twice a day is also helpful in stones.

 Metal-Dourness(sexual debility) -Consuming radish seeds very finely with 6 Masha powder 250 rubies daily in the morning. You can get rid of metal-richness in about 2 weeks.

Stopped Monthly)- Radish, carrot, fenugreek, soya, taking 3 to 3 grams of bicarbonate together 3 times a day in the morning, afternoon, the evening opens the halted monthly.

 Irregular monthly) - Take 2 Masha powder of radish seeds every morning and evening daily.

 Snake Run) - Snakes and poisonous animals run away from home due to the fumigation of root leaves.

 Hiccups) - Hiccups stop by drinking a decoction of dried radish.

 Sore throat) - Taking radish seeds with hot water opens the sound of the throat.  Eating raw radish also removes hoarseness.

 Ringworm) - Grind radish seeds with lemon juice and apply on the ringworm, it cures ringworm.  Rubbing yellow leaves of radish on ringworm also cures ringworm.

 Earache) - Extract the juice by crushing the radish and mix the mixed mustard oil in it and cook it.  When there is only oil left then filter it.  By applying this oil in the ear after lukewarm, the ear pain ends.

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