Walnut Tree|walnut Benefits, Nutritions,Uses, English Walnut.

Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree

In this article ,I am talking about Walnut tree. Walnuts are counted best after almonds in dry dried fruits.  The walnut tree is very huge. Its kernel is delicious and nutritious to eat.  The texture of walnuts is similar to humans sent which indicates that walnuts are beneficial for the human brain.

 There are two types of walnuts, one is called walnut and the other is called Black walnut.

 Walnut is called Walnut in Hindi; 'Walnut' in English and Juglans regia in Latin.

 The walnut tree also grows and grows on its own and is also sown in the field.  The one that grows on its own is of a wild variety and has a very high tree, and the skin of the fruit is also exceptionally thick and hard.

  The nut tree which is sown is small and the skin of its fruit is thin and paper.  That is why such a walnut is called a paper nut like a paper almond.

 Walnuts occur in the Himalayan foothills, from Kashmir to Manipur, in the hills of Tibet, Afghanistan, and more in China and Iran.

 Approximately 30 or 40 years after sowing the nut, the tree bears fruit.  The fruits are spherical, similar to the bahade.  In the raw state, there is a smooth liquid like milk inside the fruit which becomes solid on ripening.  When the nut is in a raw state, its people make pickles that are very tasty.

 When the nut is fully cooked and ready, it is eaten like dry fruits, and its oil is also extracted.

 To remove oil from walnuts, first, break the fruits of walnuts from the tree and leave them in a safe place for 3 months.  After 3 months, when the milk inside the fruit becomes dry and takes the form of a kernel, the oil is removed by grinding it into a fine code or by grinding it and filling it in a cloth bag and pressing it in the machine, this oil is thin and tasty.

  After that, the walnut cake remains, it is removed by adding it to the water and boiling it.  This oil is green in color and is not tasty.

 Water in walnuts is 6.5 percent, protein 15.4 percent, mineral content 1.4 percent, fat 7.5 percent, carbohydrate 11.00 percent, calcium 0.10 percent, phosphorus 0.34 percent, iron 4. 8-milligram percent, and also contains vitamins A and B.

 It is said that walnuts originated from Iran, starting from Iran, its cultivation started in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and India.  In states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kashmir's Kupwara, Uri, Madras, and Poonch, etc. and in states like Arunachal Pradesh, it is cultivated like an apple or apple cultivation.

 A walnut plant becomes generally fruitful in about 30 to 35 years.

  But in recent research, after planting the new varieties of walnuts by grafting method, after 3 years, a nut tree worth giving good quality fruit can be planted. In addition to this, in addition to the last branch of this variety, it also appears in the middle.

 The fruit of the earlier tarmil varietals used to bear this fruit only in the last branch of the tree.

 Walnuts Benefits

 Enhancement of old human beings) - Mixing a tola nut with mixed grapes and eating it every day in the morning increases the strength of older people.

 Children's worm) - Give a lukewarm kernel to the child before going to bed at night and drink lukewarm water.  In the morning, ordinary stomach worms will die and go out with Pakhana.  Mixing and drinking walnut oil in milk have the same benefits.

 Urination of the child on the bed) -Akharot kernel mixed in 1 part and raisins in two parts- After feeding it in an appropriate quantity for a few days every night before bedtime, the child will lose the habit of urinating in bed.

 Shingles) -Previously stale mouth, that is, without washing the mouth, chew the nut kernel and apply it on shingles.  Ringworm is cured by this use.

 Eczema) - Eczema is relaxed by applying oil of nut kernel.

 Cancer) - Grind the kernel of Akharot and rub it in wax and sweet oil and apply it on cancer, it cures cancer.

 Kanthmala) - Kanthamala disease is cured by drinking decoction of Akharot leaves, and washing the boils of kanthamala with it.

 Paralysis of the mouth) - Massaging the oil of Akhroot on the mouth cures paralysis of the mouth.

 The disease of Naru) - Grind Akharoot's cake in water and apply it on a hot bandage and tie it with a bandage, it reduces swelling and destroys Naru in 15-20 days.

 Poison of Bhelwan) - Eating the pulp of Akhroot removes the poison of Bhelwan.

 Cough) - (1) Chewing the nut kernel and chewing it makes the cough better.

  (2) Make walnuts with peels and burn them.  Then, consume 1 Masha and 5 Masha of pure honey and lick it together, if you have quick benefit in cough.

 Cholera) - Massage of nut oil is beneficial in cholera.

 Epilepsy) - Grind Akharot kernel in the juice of nirgundi and give it to the eyes and also its vein.

 Opium poison) - By feeding the kernel of Akharot, opium poisoning becomes peaceful.

 Dog bite poison) - Mix the oil in 1 gram and 5 water of hot water in one toast and keep on drinking for 4-7 hours, in 4 days, the poison of the dog will be peaceful.

 The weakness of the mind) - Consumption of walnut kernel from 5 to 5 weights with food daily makes the brain strong.

 Sujan(seweling) -Akharot oil mixed with 1 to 4 tolas in 1 fresh urine is beneficial on acute inflammation.

 Stomach benefits) -Akhrot contains fiber and magnesium.  The magnesium present in walnuts brings water to your intestines, which can make your stool grow larger and slide easily into the intestines.  It also relaxes your intestines.

 For bones) - Consumption of Akharot(walnuts) strengthens bones.  Foods that contain linolenic acid are beneficial for the strengthening of bones, and walnuts are also one of these foods.

 The calcium and vitamin D found in walnuts are very beneficial for strength and it keeps bones strong.  If you want to keep your bones strong, then nut must be used in your diet.

 Note - You all know that walnut cheering is hot.  When using walnuts in summer, it is important to know whether it suits you or not.  If you are negatively affected by consuming hot things, then you can use walnuts for one day or you can use it in winter.

 A young person should only consume 30 grams of walnuts a day because not everyone has the same dietary capacity.  You should consult any specialist for how much should be taken in its proper quantity.


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