Guava Tree|Benefits, fruit, varieties,size.


Guava tree

Guava Tree

In this article, we talk about the Guava Tree, Benefits, fruit, varieties, size, and other Uses of guava. Everyone is familiar with the fruit of guava.  Its pulp is found in two colors, red and white.  The taste is also sour, sweet, and faded of two to three types.  The fruits of autumn are more sweet and tasty than the rainy season.  It is found in both agrarian and forestry stages. Guava is called a competitor of apple, and the apple of the poor.

Guava is not the fruit of India, but its birthplace is America.  Mr. G. Diak's statement - white and red, two types of guava may be - brought the Hindustan with him to Portugal.

Guava and Safari in Hindi;  Guava in English;  And in Latin,] it is called Psidium Guajava.

Guava tree size

Its tree is 15 to 25 feet tall.  Leaves are opposite and alternate on small twigs up to 3-6 inches long.  The scars are soft, polygonal and the flowers are small. 

guava nutrition

Guava Nutrition

  There is a lot of tannic acid in its root and bark.  In addition, calcium oxalate rave is also found in it.  Its leaves contained resin, fat, tannin, flammable oil, green, and mineral salts.  Guava tree contains lime and manganese present with phosphoric and acid elements.  Both vitamins B and C are found in it.

The fruit of guava is beneficial, heart enhancer, heart enhancer.  It is laxative and phlegm free.

  Guava contains water 4%, protein 1.5%, carbo-hydrate 16.5%, fiber 6.8%, calcium.01%, mineral content 0.4%, phosphorus 0.4%, fat 0.2%  , Iron is 0.1 mg per gram, vitamin C is 249 mg.  It contains vitamins A and B.

what does guava taste like

Amritphal means guava, tasteful, some sour, frosty, smooth, tasteful, semen-enhancing, antidote(Vata, Pitta, and Kaafa ), pungent and heavy, some phlegm and Vata enhancer and hysterical

It gives strength to the heart, brain, and stomach.  This reduces the unnecessary heat of the body.  It calms thirst (Trisha) by giving it strength and vigor.  This makes the body color clean.  Guava is very beneficial in Constipation.  Skin diseases are cured by their continuous intake.  Consumption of guava makes the blood pure and it also increases.

Guava is used in many types of chemical applications because it contains a fraction of resin and calcium.

In Unani medicine, guava is called dry.  Some physicians call this fruit sweet, sweet, and warm.  But all doctors and dieticians are unanimous in the fact that it is a heart enhancer, 'healing stomach and digestive power, and is a very useful fruit for health.  It is an inhibitor of pus and calms thirst and bile due to acidity.  It has great potential to make the lungs gross and strong.

How to eat guava

  How to eat guava

  To get the full benefits of the above-mentioned qualities of guava, it is necessary to eat it on an empty stomach.

There is a difference of opinion that guava should be eaten with seeds or by extracting seeds.  It is said that it is not known to what extent it is true that if a seed gets stuck in the subdivision by eating guava with seeds, it is the cause of the pain of the subunit.  So it is good that if the guava is eaten along with the seeds, then the seeds are swallowed only after chewing them.

Guava cure diseases, Benefits of Guava

  •   Migraines) - In this disease, rub the green raw guava on the stone in the morning and apply the pulp which is ready in place of pain, the pain of migraines will go away.  This experiment should be done before the sun rises.  If this experiment is done before the pain starts, then the pain will not arise.  If there is no benefit in one day, then this experiment should be done 2-3 days.

  •   Eye-disease) -Bring soft leaves of guava and grind it to make a paste or chloasma and use it in eye, discharge, and pain, then all these diseases will go away easily.  If a little alum and opium are also added to the paste or pulp, the benefit is very quick.

  • Arthritis (Vata) - On the swelling of the gastric  Vata, make pulp of guava leaves and apply it on the swelling.

  •   Chaos) - Taking ripe guava with dry ginger, black pepper, and rock salt does not cause stomach diseases.  If eaten before meals, it binds diarrhea and by taking it after meals, it increases digestion and keeps the stomach clean.

  • Cough) - Boil 5-8 fresh green leaves of guava in water, then add milk and sugar like tea to it, and then drink tea with guava leaves will cure cough.  Cough is also erased by roasting guava in hot sand.

  • Tooth pain) - Rinse with the decoction of the leaves of guava leaves to relieve tooth pain.

  • Insanity) - Insanity is cured by taking guava regularly for a few days, because the use of guava provides strength to the brain muscles, and removes unnecessary heat located in it.

  • Substance poison, cannabis, etc. poisoning is destroyed by consuming guava.

  • Blood disorders) - People often have boils and pimples due to blood disorders.  Regular consumption of guava is of great benefit in such conditions.  This cools the increased heat of the intestines.

  • Diabetic Trisha) - Keep the leaves finely chopped and the sliced ​​pieces in water and let them stay for some time, then filtering that water will make the diabetic patient drink it, and his Trisha(thirst) will be peaceful.  This yoga is also helpful in the treatment of multi-disease.

  • Chronic cold) - Consuming guava for a few days also cures a chronic cold.

  • Abdominal pain) - Eating soft leaves of guava with salt ends stomachache.

  • Mental Anxiety) - To get rid of mental anxiety, keep guava in water overnight.  Wake up in the morning on an empty stomach and chew the whole guava, eat it and in a few days, you will get rid of mental anxiety.

Benefits of Guava

  •   Mouth blister) - Mouth blisters are cured by chewing guava leaf and catechu like betel leaf.

  • Constipation) - If someone is suffering from constipation, stool in the stool, and does not defecate for several days, then he should take guava regularly and remove these defects.

  • Increased bile) - Taking out seeds of guava and grinding it and consuming it with rose water and honey increases bile.

  • Semenosis) - Crush and grind the guava and mix it with milk and filter it.  Then add sugar and consume it, strength and semen will increase.

  • Blood pressure) - Guava jam is very beneficial in this disease.  Fresh semi-ripe guava should be used to make guava jam.  The guava of such guava does not spoil for a long time.

  • Dry cough) - In this cough, the patient gets restless while coughing, but the phlegm does not come out at all.  When such a cough is going on, the patient should break the fresh guava from the tree and bite it with his teeth without using a knife, etc. and chew it by chewing it.  By doing this for two or three days, dry cough level results in a cough and slowly it is completely cured.


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