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In this article, I am talking about  Sugarcane, Use of sugarcane, sugarcane Plant, sugarcane juice. Sugarcane is known by many names, in Hindi, it is called reed, oak, sugarcane, Santa, and rhinoceros. Sugar cane in English, and Saccharum officinarum in Latin.

 It is said that some castes of the Stone Age had first come to know of some wild sugarcane trees, which had become 'Rasvibhor' by sucking them.  Later, sugarcane started to be cultivated methodically.

 According to Western Niguntu, the count of sugarcane is in the Gramineae.  It is said that in the beginning sugarcane was a small grass, which gradually gained bulkiness and sweetness and became the sugarcane of the present day.

 Sugarcane is basically a crop in South Asia and South America including India.  Because sugarcane is found in the Vedas and in the Charaka and Sushruta Samhita, it is not wrong to assume the original residence or place of origin of sugarcane as India. 

 Prisoner Prisling also says that the motherland of sugarcane in India.  When the people of the world did not even know the name of sugar, then the Indians produced it.

 Dr. Streke has written that big grasses in India produce honey without bees.  He meant sugarcane.

 Prior to Alexander the Great's invasion of India, before 224 AD, his soldiers reported that Indians were chewing a stick in which honey is stored.  That stick definitely meant sugarcane.

 These facts show that sugarcane spread from India to other parts of the earth.  It arrived in the Mediterranean region of Europe in the seventh century with the Arabs.

 No more, in the fourteenth-century sugarcane juice was an almost unknown commodity in northern Europe, and was available only to the nobles in southern Europe.

Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Juice

  It was only recently, that is, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, when scientists discovered carbohydrate in sugarcane juice and described it as very beneficial for the human body, then its use increased in Europe and Northern countries, and since then sugar  Production also started, as there was both difficulty and loss in transporting sugarcane juice from one place to another.

  By then, other sources of sugar had also become widely publicized - such as 'sugar beet', 'palm' and 'maple' (a type of sweet plant found in Central America).

 The industrial revolution was taking place in those days.  Many new machines were produced every year.

  What was it then, sugar making machines also started to be made.  Earlier, only brown sugar was made.

  But as the ghost of modernity started riding on man and he started seeing the progress of civilization, in the same way, the Chinese went from brown to white.  Thus white sugar emerged.

 Sugarcane crops grow particularly and abundantly in hot, humid, and tropical regions.  Its best production is in Cuba, Java, India, Hawaiian Islands, Mauritius, Philippines, China, Guyana, and the islands of the Western Indian Islands. 

 Two-thirds of the world's sugar occurs in Cuba, India, and Java.  Sugarcane is also abundant on the eastern coast of Brazil.

  In addition to these countries, the delta of the Mississippi River, Natal in Africa, and Queensland in Australia are also rich in sugarcane.

 Use of Sugarcane

 Diseases of the bladder) - Many diseases of the bladder are cured by taking sugarcane juice, especially diuresis.  For greater benefits in the urine, one should mix amla juice and honey in fresh sugarcane juice.  It should be drunk heavily.

 Taking the old vinegar of sugarcane juice also benefits the urinary stool.  Quantity 1 to 2 with water.

 In the absence of fresh sugarcane juice, sugarcane root can be used.  In that condition, drinking a decoction of the fresh root of sugarcane brings peace to almost all diseases of the bladder, ie obstruction of urine, and irritation, etc.

 Taking jaggery with the powder of mangoes also provides relief in the urine.

 Lack of milk in the breasts of the woman) - Grind the root of sugarcane and take it with kanji, the milk of the woman increases.

 Hemorrhage) - Smelling of sugarcane juice provides relief in hemorrhage.

 Blood bile) - Blood powder is destroyed by taking the powder with the powder of mangoes.

 Tiredness) - Tiredness is immediately eradicated by drinking fresh sugarcane juice in exhaustion caused by labor.

 Defects of excessive consumption of hot items) - Fresh juice of sugarcane, drinking, quickly removes blood poisoning, burning sensation, burning sensation, etc. caused by excessive consumption of hot things.

 Constipation) - Grind fresh green grass of barley with the pure fresh juice of sugarcane and take it, it breaks constipation.

 Mouth blister) - Sucking a piece of casserole with a piece of Mishri(sugar candy) in the mouth, sucking mouth blisters is removed.

 Less visible) - Mishri is visible by rubbing it with water and applying it to the eye.

 Aging-disease) -Mishri and ghee mixed with milk regularly, the old-age disease is cured.  This solution acts as a chemical for aging.

Benefits of  Sugarcane

Benefits of  Sugarcane

 Respiratory Disease) -Good 3 Masha(0.972g) to 1 tola(11.664g) equal parts mustard oil mixed with 21 days of consumption, this disease is cured.

 Heart-disease) -Good and ghee mixed together, it is beneficial in heart diseases.

 Lack of semen) - Consuming the milk with the powder of mangoes increases the semen.

 Mango-colic and other stomach diseases- Consuming mixed powder of Aegle Marmelos (Indian bael fruit)with milk is beneficial in almost all abdominal diseases.

 Rheumatism) - Consumption of cumin seeds mixed with milk is beneficial in rheumatism.

 Piles) - Piles are cured by taking mixed powder of myrobalan with milk.

 Kidney pain) -Good 1 tola and extinguished lime half, Masha, collect both, and make two tablets.  First, take 1 tablet with hot water.  If there is no peace of pain, then take another pill as well, it will definitely benefit you.

 Leucorrhoea) - An empty sack in which jaggery has been kept for 2-3 years, burn it and filter the ash and keep it safe.  рем Mashe ashes should be taken every morning in the pathology of leucorrhoea.  It stops leprosy and excess blood during menstruation in only 7 days.


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